Why The 2022 49ers Will Hit Their Ceiling: A Tale Told By Deebo Samuel’s Old Instagram Stories

For the 2021 season, Deebo Samuel was so inspired that he got inspired. Of course, every pro athlete dabbles in social media self-help, but Deebo was a cut above with his Instagram chants. The Tao of Deebo was deep, relatable, and, I would argue, prescient for this upcoming season.

Take this quote about failure. Dibo was talking to himself after a failed 2020 campaign, propelling himself toward his breakout, All-Pro campaign the following season.

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The 2022 49ers season officially begins in less than 24 hours. It looks like we’ve been waiting for this moment since the trade collapse in March 2021.

That fateful day kicked off a year-long process of the Niners attempting to build a roof for their team. The team already has a foundation in place: first laid out in 2019, stress-tested in 2020, and solidified in 2021. That 2019 Super Bowl run was the first proof-of-concept for Kyle and John: a defensive line with a deep enough, physical run game, and a capable QB who can operate Kyle’s system… Can beat anyone who doesn’t have an elite mobile quarterback.

After losing to the Chiefs, the next two years were a period of creative destruction and growth. Unfortunately, 2020 exposed major cracks in that foundation, as Jimmy’s main weakness – his availability – tanked the season, and all the main pieces (today’s captains) had to dig deep inside themselves through the struggle , when they were stuck in Arizona throughout December.

Last year was about filling those cracks – the team got bigger and healthier as they rediscovered their fundamental strength to run down the throats of the other team. All this talk about Jimmy taking the team on that playoff run last year misses the context that the offense was raging until Deebo pulled the ball out of the backfield. Defenses were loading the seam and taking away running holes, and without the All-Pro’s handoff, every time Kyle ran the ball, it was just a planned loss. Bless your precise intermediate play, Jimmy can only do so much against a defense designed to stop him. The team’s blocking brain trust can only do so much if the numbers are stacked against them.

That version of the 49ers we’ve known for years. It’s good enough to reach the Super Bowl but not good enough to win it all.

The foundation is not in doubt. We all know about the stacked front seven, star offensive weapons, and the new and improved secondary. We know less about the internal offensive line and even less about the 22-year-old’s tip of the spear. It’s enough to know that we can keep up in every game we play, but can we jolt with the league’s Josh Allens and Patrick Mahomes?

All the failures of 2020 put us in a position to draft such a high-end prospect. All the “failures” of 2021 put us in a position to adequately prepare the surprisingly raw young quarterback. All the failures of 2022 will put Trey Lance in a position to make the biggest plays in the biggest sport – creating a whole new level for us to enjoy.

That new level — a range to strive for — is territory unknown to the San Francisco 49ers. I believe the potential will be realized, much faster than everyone thinks. They will continue to reach that ideal, and as they try, they will discover even more about themselves.

We have never seen a graceful offense against a defense that respects the deeper path. We didn’t see what it looked like when our fast, bruised perimeter blockers in the run game had even more room to get a steamy head. The defender’s split-second hesitation or a two-foot hedge not to be burned by a streaking Danny Gray or Brandon Ayuk gives Trent Williams just enough leeway to enforce his will. The greatest strength of the offense – Trent and experienced star blockers like Juice and Kittle will be strengthened.

The margin of error will be wider as the blockers are placed in more positions for success, giving ballcarriers more leeway to turn two years into four. We don’t need Mitchell, Wilson Jr., Mason, or TDP running behind the Pro Bowl average by 4 yards and grinding up the defense, lulling them to sleep before burning them out on their way to go.

You could say that it all depends on what Lance is actually detecting. It certainly does, but even the threat of deep passes and sidelines changes how a defense plays out. But yes, the point remains: It takes a ton of confidence to consistently execute those deep passes and broken plays and sideline shots, and that rhythm can only be built through loads of in-game reps.

We won’t know where this thing will go early in the season. The output will be everywhere, but the input – we hope – remains the same, assuming growth is non-linear and there will be breakthroughs waiting at the end of the plateaus. It can happen gradually and then all at once. Those sloppy games in September and October will be required to click in December and January.

I believe it will happen. I’m not a film expert or QB mechanics guru, so I base my beliefs on Lance’s personality and leadership. He’s a unique personality in a unique locker room culture, and the combination of his leadership abilities and the psychological make-up of this team will feed off each other.

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Football is a sport that strikes fear into the hearts of its enemies, while sacrificing absolute trust in its teammates for the sake of solidarity. In his Hall of Fame speech, Bryant Young talked about how “letting someone hold my hand is as important as reaching for them”, and how the interdependent clothes down the team’s locker room are the perfect touch from their leaders. is needed.

It’s an incredible balancing act that requires a sensible touch.

From OTA via Precision, we learned that Trey Lance understood the assignment.

When he drafted, he personally texted all the rookies welcoming him to the team. He chose to live with his receivers in Newport Beach, rather than do whatever you want when you’re 22, which is about ten million a year. After his first NFL touchdown, he ran to pick up the ball for Brock Purdy and Danny Gray.

It is actions, not words, that reflect his character. As the season progresses from those lay-up games against Chicago and Seattle and through the Chiefs-Rams-Chargers gauntlet, we know there will be adversity. I am interested to see this particular part of his leadership come to the fore in these circumstances because I know those circumstances will bring him out.

When Lance went to all those warrior games for his birthday, He received a front row seat for his greatest display of leadership in North American sports., Stephen Curry and Drummond Green talk about how important it is, as franchise leaders, to take all the scrutiny, attention, and pressure so that others can do their jobs. They’ll hold all the heat, so guys like Wiggins, Looney, Poole, Peyton II, and Porter Jr. can step in their own way.

Lance will need to do the same, so his young offensive line can be on the same page, so the receiver and running back can focus on getting their routes down, and so the defense can gel together and Leading young players like Kinlaw, Drake Jackson, Hufanaga, Womack, Mosley in their respective journeys (some obviously at the forefront).

That’s another great thing I’m looking forward to this season: having a bunch of young players who can make the leap that our “elite” players already are. We know guys like Bossa and Warner can propel the team – but what about Brandon? What about Javan Kinlaw? What about our inexperienced interior linemen?

Again, this is where Lance’s kindness comes into play. This is a team that is particularly well suited to this style of leadership. The whole identity of this team lies in coming closer in adversity.


On an individual level, every major player has had to go through an incredibly difficult period in their career. Trent Williams had cancer. Nick Bosa tore his ACL. Javon Kinlaw and Mike McGlinchey have spent more time together rehabilitating their injuries than they probably saw their teammates. Deebo struggled to stay in shape, Ayuk struggled to get out of the doghouse, Warner struggled to get out of his head, and Jimmy Ward struggled to get his due.

And that’s just what we know from the outside. We have enough information to know that this is not an emotionally stupid team. They are some of the toughest softbois on the planet, and Lance is coming to terms with the rare double threat of being kind and self-confident. These are such rare combinations; The fit is so unusually good that when I wonder if Lance will really find his rhythm and zone enough to hit the occasional explosive game enough to win us over… I’m back. Come on, “How can he not”? The talent is clearly visible in them. We’ve seen him do it at NFL games… the potential is in his body. You can’t say that there are about 20 or more starting quarterbacks in this league.

But when people talk about him being in the best shape possible, it’s not just a roster, plan or coaching fit. It’s a culture fit, a personality fit, an emotional fit that can bring out the best from everyone. Trey is the most variable and influential factor in all of this (hence the most interesting), and I don’t see how he’s playing with those (we feel so) we know his flow state isn’t juiced. just enough Reaching the top multiple times in one game.

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I love how this quote can equally apply to professional football as it does your laundry (enough with the laundry chair!) Every day for over the past year, I’ve been linking daily to relevant articles. I read every piece of news related to the 49ers to see what’s up. By this point, I can almost predict the media outcry cycle. No one has a clue how this will all turn out, which leaves plenty of room for people to fill up with their preconceived notions. It’s really just anxiety about having no control over this massively influential yet utterly mysterious thing.

So when people write articles or try to guess on the radio which game will end Lance’s lease – does he get benched if he loses against the Falcons? rams? Mackerel? – They are not doing it irrationally. It’s a fitting coping mechanism, even if it’s over the top, when we start debating what it means to be an NFL captain.

But by this point, it’s time. It’s time to take a dip. A full season as a backup, an entire training camp and preseason – it’s now or never.

We’ve been waiting for a very long time for September 11th, 2022 at 10am PST. Beyond the endless season, where we had to pamper ourselves with Lance Roasting Ayuk Roasting Marshmallows in Orange County, while Jevon Kinlaw reprimands this community’s favorite media person. Beyond the dramatic 2021 draft and the fatal days in March when they traded, and those many days in 2020 where everything was on fire.

We’ve been waiting for the day since Jimmy overthrew Emmanuel Sanders in the Super Bowl. Finally, clear eyes, full heart, we’re getting Josh Allen’s Ring Off in February. This team will defy conventional wisdom coverage, shock the world, and probably threaten Lance to cut his hair.

Whatever position they find mid-season, we know they have it to rally when it matters. And even through the most rocky parts, we Niners fans are blessed to see “one of the great case studies in life,” as Steve Young put it. Trey Lance’s life is about to change, and so will ours. it’s been a long time coming. Whatever happens, we will deserve it.


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