Why Queen Elizabeth Is No Longer Being Referred to as ‘Her Majesty the Queen’

After the death of Queen Elizabeth, a new style is being used for her.

She died “peacefully” on 8 September at the age of 96 and her funeral took place on 19 September, with Buckingham Palace moving its royal reference from “Her Majesty Her Majesty” to “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth” in communications.

garts royals explained the change on Thursday: “Before the funeral she was ‘Her Majesty the Queen,’ she is now officially known as ‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’.” ‘The’ in a title indicates the current title holder. No. ‘The’ means former title holder, ex-husband of title holder, etc.”

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The palace moved the descriptor on social media on Thursday, as seen in a tweet about the visit of Princess Anne, who thanked the soldiers who helped with the Queen’s funeral earlier this week.

“In Portsmouth and Aldershot, The Princess Royal met with service personnel today and thanked them for their role in Queen Elizabeth’s funeral,” the message read.

Again on Friday, courtiers adopted the new usage when sharing background on Prince Edward’s time with British Army soldiers stationed abroad.

“The Earl of Wessex visited troops on deployment to Estonia and Germany this week and recognized their service and commitment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth,” the tweet read.

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Queen Elizabeth II is seen at the Chichester Theater while visiting West Sussex on November 30, 2017

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Queen Elizabeth II

In another styling switch, Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son King Charles III has followed his mother’s lead to keep his maiden name as he steps down as sovereign and now signs his name in the same way as he had done.

Atop the Queen’s coffin at her state funeral in London on Monday was a loving message on the new king’s royal letterhead, which read, “In loving and dedicated memory, Charles R.”

State funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

State funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Phil Noble / Getty

King Charles’ new signing comes with his new role as monarch. The “r” after his name means “rex”, meaning “king” in Latin, the traditional sign for the emperor in the 12th century.

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When used by Queens, the “r” stands for “regina” or “queen” in Latin. During her historic reign, Queen Elizabeth would sign official communications as “Elizabeth R.”

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