Who Is Amanda Kaylor? Meet ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Erich Schwer’s Ex

every Rose Has Its Thorn. The Bachelorette season 19 finalists Eric Schwer Has been exposed to end his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Amanda Kaylor To go to the show for “career” opportunities. So, who is Erich’s ex? Keep reading to learn more about Amanda Kyler.

amanda kaylor is a mom

The blonde beauty is a single mother to her son August, whom she frequently sees on her Instagram account. “Mama to August,” reads their bio, along with a precious profile picture of the two. From movie dates to beach days, Amanda and her little one live their best life together.

“It’s a little late to announce but I’m soaking up these first few days with my little man. Sunday, January 26, 2020, baby August joins us, and boy is he dreaming,” she Said via Instagram with a newborn picture from August. “He has already given me a lot of joy. I can say that motherhood is going to be very tough and exhausting but I am very excited to start this journey. I love you so much.”

Eric the Bachelorette
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Amanda kaylor enjoys outdoor

When she is not a full-time mom, Amanda prefers to engage in outdoor sports in her free time. According to his Instagram, the Santa Monica resident enjoys dirt biking and snowboarding. She even has Instagram highlights dedicated to the two sports.

“What’s your favorite mountain?” She captioned her December 2020 picture on a gondola while snowboarding.

Amanda Kyler shadows Erich Schwaer on Instagram

Amanda posted a picture of a blissful summer in the fields of flowers, shading her ex in her non-edited caption. The May 2022 caption read, “How do I smile knowing I’m not engaged to the clout.”

How and when did Amanda Kyler and Erich Schwer meet?

During his September 2022 interview . phone call with reality steveAmanda revealed that the pair met in January 2022 on the dating app Hinge.

When did Amanda Kyler and Erich Schwer start dating?

The pair started dating soon after meeting on the popular dating app, as they both lived in Santa Monica. According to Amanda, the former couple had a whirlwind romance. After losing her job during the pandemic, Amanda claimed that she helped Erich prepare for a job interview and began a serious relationship.

When did Amanda Kyler and Eric Schwer split?

In March 2022, however, the now-reality star revealed to Amanda the news that she was leaving the show, leading to their split after more than two months of dating. On March 10, just two weeks before filming began, Erich texted him saying he was running The Bachelorette,

“I know it’s not ideal, I just wanted to do this to see if there’s anything else I can do with my life,” Erich’s alleged text to Amanda read after her news broke, after Before I say that he can’t be the best version of himself for her. “Until I understand who I am. Not that it’s the answer, but I need a change. I’m stuck in my career path and I’m sad about it. I don’t want it to be the rest of me.” Live life,” read an additional text.

Two days after the real estate analyst dropped the news, Amanda ended their relationship because he decided he was leaving the show — but Erich still confessed his feelings for her and even That asked to meet after returning from the film.

“I made a hasty decision that was beyond selfish.. Can we talk when we get back in LA? I needed to go home to be with my parents,” Erich’s alleged March 22 text read, while also sent him two dozen roses.

Once Amanda responded the next day, agreeing to meet, her text turned green because Erich had already started filming.

Did Erich Schwer reach out to Amanda Kyler after filming? The Bachelorette,

Erich responded to Amanda’s March text message the day before the season aired. “I’m so sorry Amanda, what I did was terrible, I don’t expect you to ever forgive me,” read her July 10 text, while wishing her the best in life and saying “everything” about her. accepted to think.

Erich and Amanda did not immediately respond to Life & Style’s request for comment.

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