Weekend Waiver Wire Stashes: Week 1 (2022 Fantasy Football)

Welcome to the 2022 Weekend Waver Wire Stash column. Every week I’ll help you get ahead of your league mates and hide players who will make interesting matchups in the coming weeks. The players in this column will be rostered in less than 50% of Yahoo League, giving you an excellent shot at sneaking in there and picking them up before your league mates turn their attention to them.

Top QB Pick-Ups for Week 2

Matt Ryan (QB – IND) – 43% Roasted
Week 2 Matchup – Jacksonville Jaguars

The Colts will take on the Jaguars in Week 2, and Matt Ryan will continue his tour of the AFC South after facing the Houston Texans in Week 1. Neither defense should be particularly troublesome for Ryan and the Colts. The real key comes down to whether a passing game is needed or if Jonathan Taylor plays on all these teams. I believe the Colts come out with a mixed approach and that Matt Ryan looks good behind this strong Indianapolis offensive line. If you have concerns about your quarterback and his Week 2 matchup, hiding Matt Ryan is a sensible low-risk move.

High Risk QB for Week 2

week 2. Top RB Pickups for

Rachad White (RB – TB) – 38% Roster
Week 2 Matchup – New Orleans Saints

It’s little surprise that a rookie with a clear path to touch in an elite offense isn’t rostered heavily over 38%. The Buccaneers are not in the habit of drafting players, which will take time to develop as Tom Brady still under contract leaves his window open to win another Superbowl. There will be a tough Week 2 matchup for The Saints Books, who in 2021 outperformed Tom Brady twice and made several defensive starts. If that kind of game script incorporates White into the game more often, he could see the kind of high-value touches he was well-regarded coming out of college.

JD McKissick (RB – WAS) – 29% Roasted
Week 2 Matchup – Indianapolis Colts

With the unfortunate news surrounding Brian Robinson ahead of the season, this made the Commanders’ backfield a bit clear for a while. Until Robinson recovers from the gunshot wound, JD McKisick will take over the passing as well as spending time with Antonio Gibson. The team has shown us so far that they don’t have as much faith in Gibson as some of us would like. Gibson fumbled the ball six times in 2021 and put the ball on the ground during a preseason game. We should expect McKissick to continue to be involved until we see otherwise. In PPR, McKissic is valued even more, but half-PPR managers should have no trouble rostering McKissic.

week 2. Top WR Pick-Ups for

Marquez Valdes-Scantling (WR – KC) – 49% Roasted
Week 2 Matchup – LA Chargers

The Chiefs will follow up with a potential shootout of Week 1 against the Cardinals with an in-division matchup against the LA Chargers. These are exactly the type of matchups in which fantasy managers should start valeds-scanting. We haven’t seen yet whether the Chiefs expand the MVS’s root tree more than it’s used to in Green Bay, where they mixed the deeper routes a bit more primarily. The camp report was positive, and while the floor is very low, the ceiling is very high on MVS with matchup winning potential. Valdes-Scantling’s reputation as a ‘dropper’ is excessive. He dropped zero catches in 2021, and if there is a chance the Chiefs get a better version of him, I am happy to have him on my bench to decide when I can use him.

Treylon Burke (WR – TEN) – 46% of the roster
Week 2 Matchup – Buffalo Bills

In general, highly formatted wide receivers are the type that fantasy managers gravitate towards. However, Treylon Burke’s asthma and general fitness issues have led fantasy managers to believe that even if the opportunity exists, they are not completely sold. Although this opportunity is important. Burke was drafted directly to replace AJ Brown. They face competition in the receiver position from Robert Woods, who is coming out of an ACL injury, and a group of receivers who can, at best, be described as players with average depth. The simple thing is that the Titans need Treylon Burke to be useful, and if a team needs a player to be useful, fantasy managers can benefit. Burks has a tough matchup in Week 2 against the Bills, but if he sends the Titans into a negative game script, he could probably see some solid opportunities. Ideally, Burke can be placed on your bench for a couple of weeks to see how he begins.

Garrett Wilson (WR – NYJ) – 22% Roasted
Week 2 Matchup – Cleveland Browns

Another wide receiver who is about to start his NFL career is Garrett Wilson. It’s not long since Dynasty managers were drooling over Garrett Wilson in the draft, but here we are, and 78% of Yahoo managers decline the chance to have him on their rosters. It’s understandable that people might have an air of panic around jets. After all, starting quarterback Zack Wilson has been sidelined for at least 4 weeks, and Joe Flacco hasn’t been an elite for quite some time. Garrett Wilson also has to compete with promising second year receiver Elijah Moore. While the Jets start the season with a tricky game against the entirety of AFC North, who have good pass defence. Wilson may start slow, but bye weeks, he can be a very useful player as he finds his feet.

Top TE Picks for Week 2

Gerald Everett (TE – LAC) – 22% Roasted
Week 2 Matchup – Kansas City Chiefs

Last year Gerald Everett was not as expected from the Seahawks, and now he finds himself on the Chargers, their third team in three years. Recently, Justin Herbert and Chargers head coach Brandon Staley both opened up about Everett’s training camp and talked about how much they expect the Chargers to be a significant part of the offense this year. With Jared Cook no longer on the team, there is a clear path for opportunities, and Justin Herbert has often seen his tight ends in the red zone. It’s unlikely that Everett will ever give you an elite raft, but if the Chargers are able to put in the points many of us expect, then a player like Everett should be heavily rostered.

Noah Fanta (TE – SEA) – 18% Roasted
Week 2 Matchup – San Francisco 49ers

A lot of people don’t feel good about a lot of things around the Seahawks right now, but it’s worth remembering that Noah Feint was a player the Seahawks wanted as part of a Russell Wilson trade. Geno Smith is not the quarterback who inspires when it comes to fantasy football. Still, the Seahawks’ passing game should be pretty dense, and if the Seahawks find themselves in catchup scenarios too often, there’s an argument that Fant can see enough volume to be relevant. In Weeks 3 and 4, the Seahawks Lions and Falcons will also play, providing easy matchups.

week 2. Top DST Pick-Ups for

Pittsburgh Steelers – 30%
Week 2 Matchup – Cleveland Browns

The Steelers have problems as a team and may not be attractive to fantasy, but the Steelers’ defense isn’t as problematic and shouldn’t be viewed as such. In Week 2, he plays Jacoby Brissette Brown, then in Week 3 the Patriots, who make all kinds of mess, and then in Week 4, the New York Jets, either under center Joe Flacco or Zach Wilson in his debut. play with. of the weather

Philadelphia Eagles – 41%
Week 2 Matchup – Minnesota Vikings

The Eagles look like the complete package this year and are starting to be a trendy pick for the Super Bowl. The defense includes a number of knowledgeable veterans, and Darius Slay can hold his own against many of the top receivers in the league, not to mention the defensive line is eccentric athlete Jordan Davis and veteran Fletcher Coase. After Week 2, the Eagles have back-to-back friendly fixtures against the Commanders and Jaguars.

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