Was House of the Dragon Death So Sudden? Is DWTS Cast Kinda Great? Is Patient Mom the Worst? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (probably) got answers! As another week of TV has passed, we’re lobbying queries left and right about the Lotta show, which includes The Patient, The Bachelorette, What We Do in the Shadows, Dancing with the Stars,

1 , is it almost disturbing how much sweat blood and treasure The actors have apparently (and truly been) in Thailand during these location shoots?

2 , were you a bit surprised that dragon house Killed the unlucky (and icky-looking) crabfeeder in its third episode? And was it shocking to meet a character named Simple? Jason, Or does it make sense, from the same Lannister house as Jaime eventually? (Were they not inscribed on the book naming the child of the realm?)

today3 , Yes, the pandemic has forced many of us to work from home for a while. but did today really Feel that these incredibly basic “tips” were necessary to highlight, let’s say, graphic for it? “Bring food?” seriously?

4 , does gray’s anatomySeason 19 trailer is serious scrubs Season 9 vibes?

5 , Later The BacheloretteRachel says some form of the L-word to all three of her remaining men, does she apologize to Clayton? And how mad must ABC be that Gabby picks her last guy, Erich, in an anticlimactic hotel room talk with two episodes still to go?

6 , Is PatientCandace immediately in the running for Worst Mother on TV?

7 , as wonderful what do we do in the shadows Have done what Guillermo said very true for you? That, in fact, nothing in the show (Single Nandor, Colin Robinson, Nightclub was a failure…) ever really changes?

masked singer8 , masked singerKen Jeong was totally wearing it when he arrived on set and refused to take it off, right?

9 , Perhaps the most burning question leading to the final stage master Chef Finale: Will All Four of Christian’s Fillets Be a Perfect Medium Rare? Or did he cut a thick fillet?

Superman and Lois New Jonathan Jordan10 , Not there superman and lois‘ The new Jonathan, Michael Bishop, looks like he could be Jordan’s twin?

1 1 , Is DC’s Stargirl Season 3 thus far seems to have undermined the way we deal with adults talking/strategizing/fighting (eg the completely cold open about the gambler going into his trailer home) with JSA kids. How much time do you want to spend traveling with?

The Goldbergs Poster12 , considering that the goldbergs‘ Season 10’s main art is to represent a framed photo collage in Beverly’s home, what are the chances that behind Lucky the Dog is a picture of the beloved late undead? And do you expect to see any pictures of Jeff Garlin’s character hanging around the house, or will they all be hanging on a fourth wall—you know, the same wall that Connors uses to hang Roseanne’s pictures? We do?

13 , Is dancing with the Stars‘ Season 31 lineup… kinda really Great, And what was the biggest surprise on the roster: that the seven contestants are 50+ years old, or that Wayne Brady hasn’t somehow competed on the show before?

14 , As noted by TVLine reader Alyssa, was it a bit ironic that days of Our Lives‘ The second-to-last NBC episode was discounted by Breaking News — something that will no longer be a streaming program?

15 , Do you think she hulkWhose dating profile lists her as “BBW”? When those monsters first flew through that portal, did you think “Demobats!”? And later No Way Home, Doctor Strange 2 And now Donnie Blaise, can we agree that sling rings need to be invented more carefully?

long jump16 , To watch the trailer, visit NBC’s long jump The revival is going to have us ‘Ben and Shipping’ hologram Back home during the leap of your love, right? In fact, we already are!

17 , Has Hulu Confirmed That Its Adaptation Of Margaret Atwood testament is in active development. soften the blow story of the maid coming to the end?

18 , elder brother Fans, for a few seconds, didn’t think that Michael’s pre-expulsion speech might be the first speech at the last minute to actually flip the vote?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other questions you’d like to share!

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