Updates From Andor, Shazam Fury of the Gods, and More

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Spy Kids The reboot has finished filming. Another Look at Disney’s Fast Coming pinocchio remake. Terry Silver wants you to be a winner in a new cobra moss Teaser. Besides, what’s going on dragon houseAnd rick and morty It gets brighter before the new season. Spoiler now!

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the dead thing

time limit report blue hunt (The New Mutants), Ben Smith-Peterson (mad max fury road), John Karn (Scream: Series, and Katherine Hughes (perfect commando) star in . are connected to the dead thingThe directorial debut of Elric Kane was called “a neo-realistic role”. invisible man story and a modern urban legend for the online dating era.” The film is said to “follow a young woman (Hunt), who gets lost in a string of meaningless hookups, a sensitive and charismatic man (Peterson). falls in love with her, whom she soon uncovers to a dark secret that turns their relationship into a twist. Passion.” webb wilcoxon Responsible for the script.

Shazam! fury of the gods

In a recent Instagram post (via) comic book) David F. Sandberg confirms Mr Mind does No appear in Shazam! fury of the godsDescribing his presence would be “too much motion picture”.

Initially we figured out that Mr Mind is a big part of the story but it would have been too much of a film. Even without that we had to cut things to make everything fit in one film.

Spy Kids

Filming has officially wrapped Spy Kids reboot, According to Robert Rodriguez on Instagram.

Just wrapped a new SPYkids for @Netflix, working with my son, Racer Max! The first picture is from the set of SPYkids 2 in 2002. Not much has changed, only that he is now co-writer, co-producer and a little heavier.


Ben Lovett’s score preview for Hulu Hellraiser We have our first look at the film’s lament configuration in the reboot.

Hellraiser Score 10.7 Coming by Ben Lovett (Official Video)


Elsewhere, Pinocchio’s persistent lies caused his nose to grow at a new clip.

Pinocchio | Quit telling those shopkeepers. Disney+

Star Wars: Enduro

in conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Genevieve O’Reilly said: internal management and Mon will explore Mothma “not just as a senator, but as a woman”We’ll see her literally and figuratively take off her cloak and reveal herself as a woman we’ve never seen before, before adding.

We really develop her as a character, and we get to learn about her not only as a senator, but as a woman. [We learn] What is his life like, what does he have to fight, what are the dangers for his life, what is the cost of his existence. Tony’s [Gilroy] The writing is so complex and so taut. It lives in this world of the detective genre, in a world of socio-political drama, and yet it is set within a star wars World. So it feels universal and intimate all at once. I’ve always been interested [Caroline Blakiston’s original performance] And every time I go to play her, I go back to that scene. You can see that when Caroline does that in that scene, for me, her heart always ache… you could see she was in pain, and I was really curious what that was. What happened in this woman’s life? What is the cost of having it? What sacrifices did he have to make in the way of becoming that leader of the rebellion? We see her talking to the senators, and then we meet her at home with her husband. We see public and private. We see her literally and figuratively taking off her cloak and revealing herself as a woman like we’ve never seen before.

cobra moss

Terry Silver has released an ad for his plan cobra moss The franchise promises “anyone can be a winner” with the “right teacher”.

star Girl

Spoilers are the synopsis for TV fourth, fifth, And sixth episodes of star GirlThe third season of


Back at the crime scene – After the unexpected outcome of one of Sylvester’s (Joel McHale) plans, Pat (Luke Wilson) calls on an old friend for help. Meanwhile, Beth (Anjelica Washington) uncovers a new suspect in her murder investigation, and Courtney (Breck Basinger) reaches out to Cameron (Hunter Sanson). Amy Smart, Yvette Monreal, Cameron Gelman, Trey Romano, Meg Delassie, Neil Hopkins, Joey Osmansky, Hunter Sansone and Alkoya Brunson also star. Walter Carlos Garcia directed the episode written by Paula Sevenbergen (#304). Original broadcast dated 9/21/2022.


Secrets and Lies – As Courtney (Breck Basinger) continues to covertly help Cameron (Hunter Sansone), the team notices that she is stepping away from her role as JSA leader. Mike (Trey Romano) and Jakim (Alcoya Brunson) approach Cindy (Meg Delassie) with a proposal. In the end, Yolanda’s (Yvette Monreal) decision to follow her intuition leads her to make a startling discovery.


Fighting Enemies – After learning that Courtney (Breck Basinger) is spending time with Cameron (Hunter Sansone), Pat (Luke Wilson) and Barbara (Amy Smart), they go on a rebuilding mission in Mahkent. Meanwhile, Sylvester (Joel McHale) steps in to fill the void left by Kourtney, and tensions between Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) and Cindy (Meg Delesi) reach new heights.

Reginald the Vampire

Reginald learns a new power in the synopsis of his second episode, “The Hunger”, which airs on October 12.

Reginald learns how to feed and it’s not going well. But along the way he discovers an unexpected and secret power.

[Spoiler TV]

resident alien

D’Arcy returns to skiing in photos from “Harry, a Parent”– this week’s episode resident alien, go there spoiler tv for more information.

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After losing the alien child, Harry learns what alien race is on Earth and it is not what he expected.

dragon house

The battle for the throne cuts to next week’s episode of “King of the Narrow Sea” in the trailer of Dragon’s house.

House of the Dragon 1×04 Promo “King of the Narrow Sea”

rick and morty

rick and morty shill Wendy‘sand god and war Two new tie-in commercials.

Rick and Morty + Wendies | choose thoughtfully

Rick and Morty X PlayStation | God of War Ragnarok


eventually, Mira, Spear, Fang, and Fang have new born children Back A new clip from this week’s episode shows Kamau and his daughter in captivity with the Queen of Egypt original,

Primal | S2E8 Sneak Peek: Mira, Fang and Spear are in captivity. adult swim

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