THE WHAT? Ulta has issued an apology regarding an ‘insensitive’ marketing email it sent regarding the Kate Spade brand.

THE DETAILS? Sent on the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month, Ulta sent an email with the headline ‘Come hang with Kate Spade’, which caused instant backlash due to Spade’s suicide in 2018.

One Twitter user wrote, “Is this some kind of sick joke? How insensitive and absolutely tone-deaf. ”

The email went on to offer an online promotion for Kate Spade products.

THE WHY? Following the online backlash, Ulta issued a statement of apology.

It read, “In an email we recently sent featuring the Kate Spade New York brand of fragrances, a very insensitive choice of words was used and for that we are very sorry.

“We have the utmost respect for the Kate Spade brand and the joy it brings to the beauty and fashion industries. At Ulta Beauty, our teams are human, and this was truly an error with no intention to do harm. ”

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