TV host Santiago Cúneo drinks champagne on air to toast Queen’s death: ‘Old b–ch is dead’

An Argentine television host opened a bottle of champagne and aired the death of Queen Elizabeth II live on Thursday – happily declaring that “the old b-ch has died.”

Santiago Coneo, a politician and journalist from Buenos Aires, was hosting a TV show when Buckingham Palace announced the death of the 96-year-old monarch.

In a clip from his show that went viral online, Konio can be seen surrounded by white and blue balloons representing the colors of the Argentine flag.

Argentine television host Santiago Conio drinks a bottle of champagne in the air on Thursday to celebrate the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.
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He indulges himself in some flirtatiousness and starts eating finger sandwiches as Chiron flashes a message that reads: “The old bag of sh-t is dead.”

Koneo despised the dead British queen and celebrated her death by saying that “the old b-ch is dead.”

“It’s done for good,” she said in the air. “Loud applause to the devil who finally got hold of him.”

Konio happily said that "old b--ch is dead" After the news of Rani's demise on Thursday.
After news of the Queen’s passing on Thursday, Konio happily said that “the old Bee-ch has died”.
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The broadcaster’s outburst is a clear expression of anti-British animosity in Argentina, stemming largely from the Falklands War of 1982, when Britain sent a naval task force to take control of the Falkland Islands after the Argentine invasion.

Despite previous complaints, the Argentine government officially mourned the Queen’s passing, saying it is “with the British people and their families in this hour of grief.”

Coneo, a member of the ruling jurist party in Argentina, is no stranger to controversy.

In 2018, he was fired by cable news channel Cronica TV after being accused of inciting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, including an alleged plot to create a Jewish state in parts of Argentina and Chile.

Buckingham Palace announced the death of the 96-year-old monarch on Thursday.
Buckingham Palace announced the death of the 96-year-old monarch on Thursday.

While some Twitter users laughed at Koneo’s joke of the Queen’s death, others denounced him, saying he does not represent Argentina.

“I am from Argentina and this man does not represent me. We are sorry for the loss,” wrote one Twitter user.

The Queen’s death was met with ridicule and glee elsewhere on social media, with many Twitter users calling out her anti-British animosity as well as her distaste for the monarchy and royal families.

Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s richest people, has rebuked a Carnegie Mellon professor who tweeted that he expects the Queen to suffer an “excruciating” death, citing British colonialism in the developing world. faced.

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