Trevor Lawrence struggles: one concern from coaches and scouts

Lots of questions this week from all of you after the first week of the season! And some answers from me …

From NaptowneJimmy (@naptowne_jimmy): As a Washington fan, I wanted to ask about Carson Wentz, but Trevor Lawrence is the bigger story here. He looked awful for the most part Sunday. What gives? He’s inaccurate, impulsive, and seems to be confused much of the time.

Jimmy, I think the case of Lawrence is going to be an interesting one to track over the course of this year. We all, rightfully, I think, gave him a bit of a pass for last year, given how the situation in Jacksonville devolved into a trainwreck over the course of the fall—I think young quarterbacks are captives of their own circumstances, good or bad, much more than people acknowledge, and Lawrence’s clearly weren’t good. So I think it’s fine to say that the fair thing to do is take everything that happened last year with a grain of salt.

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