‘Ticket To Paradise’ Leads Offshore Chart On Quiet Weekend – International Box Office

Julia Roberts and George Clooney top international box office charts as Universal/Working Titles this weekend ticket to heaven Expanded its offshore rollout. adding 39 markets for $12.1M session in 46 picked up the foreign cum $14.8M With many big companies yet to come; Domestic starts October 21. Collectively, the new markets performed up in this session last Christmas And tomorrowand in line with the Lost City And Bridget Jones’s Baby,

After Paramount’s Sandra Bullock/Channing Tatum Adventure, Roberts and Clooney’s Reeem is the second stellar romantic comedy to hit theaters this year. the Lost City Which eventually grossed around $191M globally. That film followed a more staggering release pattern overseas, debuting largely domestically.

While we still see a paucity of new titles overseas, the current corridor is fertile ground for comedy in some markets, thus the pre-domestic release directed by Ol Parker. Ticket, It is early days for the film, with mostly positive reviews so far, coming market and home ahead, though it will be pitted against Warner Bros. don’t worry darling next weekend in some areas; A different genre, but also a female-leaning title.

Universal smartly activated Girls Night Out/Ladies Night Preview campaign across multiple centers—they’re especially popular Australia Which was the main market of this session. oz bow ticket to heaven Wednesday’s was $2.5M including strong results from Girls Night Out. Saturday saw a 54% increase from Friday and a 44% increase in the top 10.

Britain was originally set to release the season, but it was postponed until after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday.

GermanyWhich is generally the best Euro hub for comedy, had a good No. 1 debut, well above $2M Lost City, Tomorrow And last Christmas, Middle East Sector did $2.4M, including $1M Saudi Arababove lost City,

in holdover, Spain $600K added to date and in line for $1.9M lost City, Brazil The second session saw an uptick, reaching a cube of $1.4M.

Coming up, the UK will release on Tuesday, followed by France, Italy, Mexico and Korea in October, and Japan in November.

Brahmastra Part One: Shiva

fox star

Dharma Productions and Star Studios in season 2 Brahmastra Part One: Shiva — which Disney is releasing overseas in India and the UK — saw a massive 66% drop from opening in the domestic market (though that’s better than some recent Marvel picks). running total India $30.6 million and another $1 million UK, When including North America, the global qom is $38.4M. Factoring in other international markets where it is prevalent, the worldwide total is estimated $41M,

DC League of Super Pets

Everett Collection

Warner Bros. DC League of Super-Pets scared of others $4.9M from 76 offshore markets, enhanced by AustraliaStarting at $2.6M including preview (without $1.2M). foreign is cum $89.7 million For $177.6M Whole world. In Oz, the beginning is tracking up Charm (+45%), sing 2 (+74%) and paw Patrol (+610%). School holidays have started in 47 per cent of the country and will be increased to 94 per cent next week. New Zealand, the last market to be released, joined the pack on 22 September.

tops to date UK ($18.2 million), France ($7.7M), Mexico ($7.5 million), Spain ($4.2M) and Germany ($4.1 million).

minions rise of gru jpeg e1656773112587


universal / light Minions: The Rise of Gru Raised another $4.6 million from 84 markets (-31%), to an international value $549.1M and a global total $913.1M, In ChinaThe total is now $34.6M to support Gru and Crew over the lifetime of Co toy story 4 And moana, About 71% of cinemas are open till last week, the lowest percentage since the end of May.

Elsewhere the hold was strong UK Now at $53.9M, followed by China, Germany ($33.2 million), Japan ($32M) and France ($25.8 million). Brazil The frame in particular saw a 51% increase, with a total of $21.8M running.

Top Gun: Maverick


Paramount/Skydance down only 19% on its 17th weekend, Paramount/Skydance Top Gun: Maverick Raised another $4 million in 61 overseas markets for the offshore QEM $754.2 million, global is now $1.463B, (Unsurprisingly, this was the movie most people I saw on my flight from Paris to L.A. this weekend…)

the top five markets are UK ($102 million), Japan ($93.6M – was up 9% from the weekend last), Korea ($67.2M), Australia ($64.3M) and France ($58.2M).

Chinese time-travel comedy, in non-studio titles give me five The second frame added about $7M, taking its low to RMB 251M ($36M). there is nothing new in this China Next weekend as the market prepares for the October 1 National Day which will include Alibaba’s fighter pilot film born to flyAnd also watch the release of Tony Leung-starrer nameless,

In Korea, Confidential Assignment 2: International Took the lead again with a sophomore frame of $6.9M and a running low of $35.1M.

Next week, Warner Bros. releases Olivia Wilde don’t worry darling In about 60 markets since its debut at the Venice Film Festival. Also on deck is the Fox re-release of Disney Avatar, It will play on IMAX screens for a limited two-week engagement.

Miscellaneous Update Quantity/Notable
bullet train (SNY): $3.8M international weekend (64 markets); $125.7M international qom/$222.1M global
where the crowdads sing (SNY): $2.1M International Weekend (49 markets); $38.1M International Qum/$127M Global
see how they run (DIS): $1.9M International Weekend (9 markets); $4.5M international low / $7.6M global
invitation (SNY): $1.5M international weekend (43 markets); $8.6M international cum / $30.1M global
*moon dream (UNI): $1.4M international weekend (28 markets); $1.4M international qom/2.62M global
Spider-Man: No Way Home (SNY): $1.4M international weekend (42 markets); $1.104B International Qum/$1.918B Global
No (UNI): $1.37M international weekend (79 markets); $46.3M International Qum/$169M Global
*hell dog (SNY): $1.2M International Weekend (Japan only)
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (SNY/CRU): $950K international weekend (43 markets, excluding Japan); $68.8M global qom (excluding Japan)
Wild (DIS): $500K intl weekend (12 markets); $1M international cum / $21.9M global

*represents new

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