The top-secret story of Queen Elizabeth’s famous Olympics skydiving cameo with Daniel Craig

As the world mourns Queen Elizabeth II, who died at 96 on Thursday, the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London is just one of her many appearances in pop culture in recent years. At the start of the broadcast, a three-minute film featuring Her Majesty and the iconic James Bond, then played by Daniel Craig, met together in the palace before parachuting into the Olympic Stadium.

According to an episode of BBC Radio 4, the project, helmed by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, is something he kept a secret even from his fellow royals. Reunion Which celebrated the 10th anniversary of that time.

“The Queen never told her family she was doing this,” said production stage manager Sam Hunter. “It was a condition, that she agreed to be a part of it. So, if you actually watch when she comes over and she takes her seat, you can see her family going, ‘Ah , Good.'”

Stephen Daldry, who served as the show’s executive producer, said that the production team had to keep the Queen’s cameo a secret, even from the cabinet of then-Prime Minister David Cameron. Some of them communicated regularly with Buckingham Palace, so if they had known, the mystery could have been blown up.

His discretion paid off when the sketch aired to an audience of over a billion people.

While the actual jump was, of course, performed by the body doubles Queen and Craig had come to share, it was real.

Craig told Yahoo Entertainment after her death, “I, like many, were deeply saddened by today’s news and my thoughts are with The Royal Family, whom she loved and who loved her.” “She leaves an incomparable legacy and will be deeply missed.”

Craig and Queen were photographed together as 007 at the premiere of Craig’s first outing in 2006, casino Royale,

Queen Elizabeth congratulates Daniel Craig on world premiere casino Royale On November 14, 2006 in Leicester Square, London. (Photo: Stephen Hurd/AFP via Getty Images)

She formally recognized the actor in December, when she announced her departure from the franchise on her annual New Year’s honors list. Craig was named Companion in the Order of St. Michael and St. George for his outstanding contribution to film; Bond himself earned respect in the film for his work as a detective.

In February, Craig revealed just how the Queen was in private during an appearance. Late Show with Stephen Colbert, She said that she was “very funny, very funny” and loved to tell jokes about him.

“We were taking our picture,” he said of the ceremony, “and she just went, ‘Oh no, that’s the one who doesn’t smile.'”

Craig admires the queen’s beloved corgis, who accompanied her in the film until she went off the air.

“I was walking with them on the floor most of the time. I mean, they’re just there. I think they have their own footmen,” Craig said. “And yes, they are very friendly.”

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