A viral TikTok video shows a woman claiming a Winners department store put fake Kate Spade stickers on items to increase the value of the products.

The video starts off with the user Autumn (@slug_whisperer) saying, “Shoutout to Winners for sticking a Kate Spade sticker on these plates and bowls” as she shows blue and black plates and bowls. On them, a Kate Spade sticker is plastered on them with the price on the back reading, “$9.99” and “$19.99.” According to Autumn, those were the same plates and bowls she purchased three years ago from Dollar Tree for $1.25 and she revealed the same ones in her cabinets.

The video was viewed over 460,000 times since it was posted on July 25. There were alleged former and current employees of Winners who confirmed in the comments section that the Kate Spade stickers were fake. Several speculated the creator had probably uncovered a fraudulent return.

@slug_whisperer I used to work at a winner and I find this EXTREMELY surprising. Wtf winners. Do better #winners #tjmaxx #tjx #scam #staysafe #fyp #homesense #falseadvertising ♬ WTF (feat. Amber Van Day) – HUGEL

“I work at winners it was just a fraud return and no one caught it it happens a lot but the frontline ppl and floor workers should pay closer attention,” one person commented.

“I used to work there, they were definitely fraudulent returns and the cashier didn’t pay attention before printing a new tag for them,” a second agreed.

“[Where] I worked the manager said that no return should ever be turned away. Every person must leave the store happy. Those are even reprint stickers,” a third said.

“You likely uncovered return fraud. I used to work at TJX and this happened all the time because they don’t actually have an inventory,” explained another viewer. They accept returns without a receipt. I had to accept returns of chairs from over a year with bugs in it once!”

There were others who claimed they bought those same bowls and plates from Dollar Tree.

“Oh my God I was just going to say I got those bowls at dollar tree,” one user shared.

“Those are legit from the dollar tree in America. I have those dishes,” said another.

The Daily Dot reached out to Autumn for comment via TikTok comment and Winners via website contact form.

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*First Published: Jul 31, 2022, 8:02 am CDT

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