The premiere of the new Hunter Biden film was as wild as you’d think

A trivia game about the film took place after the screening where prizes for 70 or more guests included a heavily sized bong and Parmesan cheese. Both are references to Hunter Biden’s drug abuse, including his candid confession that he was so addicted to bursting cocaine that he tried smoking everyone’s favorite spaghetti topping.

A representative promoting the film had already said that Oscar winner Jon Voight was ready to participate, but he didn’t. The highest-profile actor was Dean Cain, best known for playing Superman in “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” and Nick Searcy. Consider it the MAGA set for the film industry. Sarsi is a star of the show “Justified”, which recently produced a documentary called “Capital Punishment” on January 6. Cain plays former FBI agent Peter Strzok in a stage drama called “FBI Lovebirds,” which was produced by one of the men behind “My Son Hunter,” Felim McAleer.

While the scene may not have been as glamorous as the city as a whole, it is part of a growing effort among some conservative groups to find a strong footprint in the film industry as a counterculture to what is seen as Hollywood’s liberal agenda. is for. The Daily Wire has released three feature films online this year, and “My Sun Hunter” is Breitbart’s first attempt at distributing a dramatization. The makers are hopeful that the film will have a wide reach and impact. In explaining the motivation behind it, director Robert Dewey often invokes the line of the late Andrew Breitbart, founder of the website of the same name: Politics is below culture.

Furthermore, “My Sun Hunter” is also the latest example of an ever-increasingly conservative business built around the president’s son—and more specifically—the laptop hard drive he reportedly left behind at a repair shop.

The Hunter Biden industrial complex is in a time of boom with little sign of recession. Conservative groups often fundraise him. Fox Nation has a four-part docu-series hosted by Jeanine Pirro. There’s also enough Hunter Biden merchandise. T-shirts, mugs, laptop stickers, sweatshirts, hats, and even a doll in online shops on Etsy, Redbubble, Amazon, Jazzle, and more. Many of them include obscure photos from hard drives that have been published by outlets but not independently verified by Politico. Some Counter Hunter Biden fan pages have cropped up on the left, but without equal access.

“My Sun Hunter” is the most ambitious Hunter Biden project ever. According to McAleer, the film was financed by $2.5 million in crowdfunding. It stars veteran actors including British actor Lawrence Fox and “The Mandalorian” actress Gina Carano – both known for outspoken conservatives – as well as John James, best known for his role in “Dynasties.”

Fox, a Covid vaccine skeptic who ran an unsuccessful campaign for mayor of London last year, said he prepared for the role by listening to Hunter Biden’s audio narration from his memoir, “Beautiful Things.”

“It’s amazing how compelling he is and how you start down the rabbit hole of any person’s personal narrative,” Fox said. “Mainly I just wanted to go: He’s weak. That was the main thing.”

The crew filmed in Serbia because of its relatively low cost, scenes that may be similar to Ukraine, and the ability to be cast in a way that helped portray Hunter’s lifestyle, according to McAleer. “To accurately portray the life of Hunter Biden, you need strip bars and a lot of beautiful women. Serbia has a lot to offer,” McAleer explained. He rebuilt a suite at the Chateau Marmont – where Hunter Biden lived for a long time – in an abandoned sugar factory.

The film largely follows a liberal activist and stripper named Grace, who spends a night with Hunter Biden and gradually becomes disillusioned as she learns more about the Biden family. Joe Biden (who also suffered a head injury during filming), played by John James, is depicted as both the idiot and the understandably corrupt head of the crime family that undermines America.

Some of Biden’s sketches are well-researched—taken from both his memoirs and hard drive reports—while other sections are sloppy. In one scene, Hallie, the widow of Beau Biden, is repeatedly referred to as “Hailey”.

At the film’s climax, Grace also tells a freelance reporter who writes for an outlet called “The Post” that she has Hunter Biden’s confession on tape that “Joe gets a percentage cut of the deals and that people don’t want to see her.” influences foreign policy decisions in favor of companies and governments.” While Hunter Biden made millions of deals with foreign companies aligned with China and Ukraine, there is no direct evidence that his father ever did that. Personally benefited from the work or furthered foreign policy decisions to benefit those companies.

Apart from the Biden family, the other villains in the film are the mainstream media and social media companies. The film ends in October 2020 when Facebook and Twitter block or suppress original stories about laptops – actions that have fueled the belief that the election was not fair (to widely replace any evidence of voter fraud). Not enough. Election results, despite multiple investigations into the matter). It captures some elements of the moment but also has some flourishes. When Grace tells the reporter what she has found, the reporter immediately dismisses the story as “we have a chance to eliminate a fascist dictator” and no newsroom will take “your Russian misinformation”.

Director Dewey said about the film last month in a virtual panel that included Donald Trump Jr., that the media is “the third hand of the Marxist-Communist revolution in America.”

And therein lies the main difference between a conservative film and what Hollywood has to offer. Budgets can vary greatly. But the creators of the former try not to hide their agenda behind art. His agenda is art.

McAleer, for one, is a true believer that Hunter Biden is corrupt and has been used by his father to enrich himself and the family with morally questionable business deals. In April 2021, he rode a kayak with a bullhorn behind the Biden son’s Venice residence and asked him questions about documents he allegedly had from a laptop.

All this may seem like fodder for the conservative media ecosystem. But it has been serious enough to attract the attention of Hunter Biden’s allies. On October 31, 2021, three Hollywood producers, including Kevin Morris – the young Biden’s lawyer and close confidante – traveled to Serbia and gained wide access to the set. He did this while claiming to have worked on the Hunter documentary.

“Stylistically, it would be great to do these interviews on set informally during the hiatus in production,” Rob Bindler, a documentary filmmaker, wrote to McAleer in an email shared with Politico. In a separate note to Fox, who played Hunter Biden in the film, Bindler wrote: “I am a dedicated filmmaker and would like to give you a voice in the film. Was on the way to Kyiv (aka Burisma!) but was stopping in Belgrade and as you say good. ,

At the time, Morris did not identify himself as a lawyer or confidant of Hunter Biden. And her appearance on set was not reported until last spring when her association with the president’s son became public. It’s possible that Hunter-affiliated filmmakers are actually planning to use footage from the set of “My Son Hunter” for a documentary. The New York Times reported in May that Morris was funding a “documentary project” around Hunter Biden. Morris and Bindler declined to comment.

McAleer, for his part, didn’t try to downplay the episode. He told Politico that the filmmakers stayed for several days and “never left the set and the camera was constantly on.” In short: they got what they wanted.

This included spending time with Fox as he got into the character. “I think he’s an incredibly intelligent man, who’s incredibly troubled,” Fox said of Hunter Biden. “And when you’re too smart, and you’re too upset, you create a lot of chaos in the world.”

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