The Post’s NFL expert makes his 2023 playoffs, Super Bowl predictions

Back from the repair shop Serbi Crystal Ball (TSCB) rarely saw things clearly. The AFC West is full, the NFC still has Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers… but no team lit up TSCB like our next Super Bowl champion.

The Road to Glendale, Ariz., and Super Bowl 57

AFC Playoff

wild card

Colts 28, Patriots 22: Matty Ice finds Michael Pittman Jr. and Nyhame Hines with a TD pass and Jonathan Taylor scores a run, at which point it’s 28-3, as it was in Super Bowl 51, and he’s stricken with horror. But Kenny Moore ends a late drive stopping Mack Jones and Bill Belichick goes home again without Lombardi.

Chargers 31, Ravens 23: Lamar Jackson mostly presses to keep up with Justin Herbert as Darwin James strangles TE Mark Andrews. Because Marlon Humphrey is able to contain Keenan Allen, Herbert makes up most of his loss with a checkdown against a heavy pass rush to RB Austin Eckeler and a red-zone TD pass to Mike Williams.

Raiders 37, Chiefs 34: Perhaps if Patrick Mahomes still had Tyrek Hill, he could have won this shootout. But he doesn’t, and Derek Carr has Hunter Renfro and Darren Waller along with his old college friend Davante Adams.

davante adams
Davante Adams will reunite with his college mate, QB Derek Carr.

divisional round

Bill 31, Raiders 24: An arctic low-rise settles on the shore, and the wondrous Josh Allen Bill is able to escape the relentless clutches of Chandler Jones and Max Crosby to find both Stephen Diggs and Gabe Davis for a pair of TD bombs to the mafia’s delight. .

Chargers 30, Colts 24: Taylor smashed Brandon Staley’s weak run defense to keep Herbert off the field for long, and Yannick Ngakou pressed Herbert into a Stephen Gilmore pick-six. But Khalil Mack strips-sacks Matty Ice, and Herbert targets Joshua Palmer behind CB Brandon Feison for a solar-plexus blow that cinches it.

AFC Championship Game

Bill 34, Charger 27 (OT)

The weather forecast proves disorienting as Chargers players are forced to answer why their morale would not be boosted the way the 1981 team played at The Freezer Bowl in Cincinnati. Jesse Jackson calmed the crowd in the first quarter and Allen was forced to lead a last-minute tying drive, mostly to his fiery legs. Micah Hyde won the OT coin toss and Allen found TE Dawson Knox in the end field. Gregory Russo dismissed him in fourth place, with Herbert driving to tie the game.

Aaron Rodgers
Despite a recent history of playoff conflicts, Aaron Rodgers could lead the Packers to a run after the season.

NFC Playoff

wild card

Packers 32, Books 27: Ration Gary overtook Tom Brady’s offensive line and Aaron Rodgers repeatedly targeted Aaron Jones with a goal-line hammer with AJ Dillon. Brady, in what would prove to be his last game before jumping into the Fox booth, throws a devastating interception to Jair Alexander in the fourth quarter.

Sant 27, Ram 24: Jalen Ramsey’s pick-six upset Jamie Winston, but a strong offensive line prevents Aaron Donald from ruining the game. Matthew Stafford’s elbow is limiting him to short, quick passes to Cooper Kupp and Alan Robinson. Bobby Wagner kept Alvin Kamara at bay before winning the Winston home running bomb Chris Olev.

49ers 28, Vikings 27: Fred Warner controlled Dalvin Cook well enough to pressure Kirk Cousins ​​into the big game. Trey Lance runs for 114 yards and throws a dagger TD pass to TE George Kittel, and Justin Jefferson’s fourth quarter TD catch is too short, too late.

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divisional round

49ers 33, Eagles 24: Lance and Jalen Hurts both run for 100 yards and a TD. Charvarius Ward smashed a fourth-quarter, fourth-down pass for AJ Brown into the end zone and Deebo Samuel imposed his will on the game in a time of crisis.

Packers 27, Saint 21: A blizzard blankets the frozen tundra at Lambeau Field. DeMario Davis hounds Jones and Dillon, but Rodgers and Romeo Dobbs torch Marcus May deep into the coverage, and Preston Smith plays close by sacking Tessam Hill on fourth and goal.

NFC Championship Game

49ers 26, Packers 24: A rematch of the Niners’ 13-10 win at Lambeau in the 2021 Divisional Round. Kyle Shanahan’s offense is more explosive with Lance in control, hitting the pack with his feet and using Samuel and Kittel, while targeting Brandon Ayuk early and often.

josh allen
Josh Allen and the Bills are Steve Sarby’s Super Bowl 2023 champions.
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super bowl 57

Bills 30, 49ers 27: TThe pressure to remove that Super Bowl monkey from the franchise’s back appears to weaken the Bills early on when Nick Bosa strip-sacks Allen and Warner fumbles for the first score. But OC Ken Dorsey remembers how former OC Brian Dabol used Isaiah McKenzie, and a jet sweep tied the score, before a short TD pass to Alan Jamieson Crowder and Marv Levy in the suites. A Tre’Davies White pick-six gets the high-fives. , Jim Kelly and Bruce Smith. But Lance is not Jimmy G in the fourth quarter and he connects the game with Kittle to Seam Root. But then Allen and Devin Singletary brought the ball to metric position for a 47-yard field goal for Tyler Bass. It Starts Wide Right… But then the football gods, who have been so brutal to Buffalo, make sure the ball spins upwards, and the scoreboard shows 0:00, and the menu at Chicken Wings Bar Bill Tavern and Duff’s. Flying From and Anchor Bar – Compliments to Scott Norwood! Champions at last.

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