The 5 NFL teams that admit they wanted Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes

Whether it’s a gorgeous spotted trout hooked by you during a fishing trip—or your high-school sweetheart who went to college and fell in love with a guy named Thad—most of us have a whiff of one. There is a story that faded away.

Now imagine that Trout was Moby Dick and your high school girlfriend Kate Upton, Your soul – the answer to all life’s troubles – was within your grasp.

And you let it slip.

So you are forced to go through life with a deep pain in your stomach. There is no consolation prize. Instead, there’s only an irresistible longing to do could Stayed.

That’s how I imagine it not every NFL general manager who drafted Patrick Mahomes in 2017, every morning when they get out of bed and look in the mirror.

Luckily for Kansas City Chiefs fans, we don’t have to worry about any of this. We drafted the love of our life.

Back in 2018, the late, great Terez Peller wrote about the chiefs’ covert operations (and their dating of Mahomes) during the months leading up to the draft.

Cabot and Steinberg were careful to never reveal the Chiefs’ intense interest in Mahomes, lest they spoil the chance for their player to land in an ideal position, with a quarterback mentor in Reed, the Hunt family. Steady ownership and an offensive skill in a plethora of players.

“They seemed very laser-focused on Patrick,” Steinberg said. “We were more than happy to encourage their interest, and we kept their trust and didn’t say a word publicly about it because if we had said anything, it would put them in a compromising position to do business.” Would. If the other teams knew they really, really wanted Patrick, they’d make a trade harder.”

So Cabot and Steinberg kept their secret…”

But enough for our happiness. Let’s get salty — and laugh at some of the teams that just missed out on drafting the best player in the world.

1. The Seahawks Wanted to Let Pat Cook

NFL: Combine

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Here’s an interesting nugget that came to light in a recent ESPN article by Brady Henderson. Apparently — while Russell Wilson was still in the fold — Seattle Seahawks GM John Schneider was unfaithful to his quarterback when he made a lot of googly eyes on Mahomes during his pro day.

In the fall In 2017, Seahawks general manager John Schneider was a featured attendant at Patrick Mahomes’ supporter day. Multiple team sources said that GM was so impressed with the Texas Tech quarterback that Seattle would take him, having been available late in the first round. The massive gamble on an unproven quarterback would have brought an obvious advantage: the flexibility to build a roster around a cheap rookie contract the way Seattle did during Wilson’s first three seasons when the Seahawks won a Super Bowl and nearly a second. had won.

Had the Seahawks brought down Mahomes, it would have been safe to say that they would have moved on from the Dangerous sooner, avoiding the upcoming purgatory that will be their 2022 season. Pardon me… No Sorry, Seahawks fans. Enjoy the rainy days with Geno Smith as your quarterback.

2. The Warlords Betrayed the Cardinals

Syndication: Republic of Arizona

Cheryl Evans / Azentral Sports / USA Today Network

Bruce Arians revealed earlier this month that he had also kept his wandering eyes on Tyler, the Texas pride while he was head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But then personnel Brett Veitch and GM John Dorsey were playing chess for the chiefs, while other personnel departments sat with sticks in their hands. You can’t wait for the greatest quarterback of all time to drop in to you.

appearing on sorry my take Wednesday, Arian Said The Cardinals Were Targeting Patrick Mahomes In The 2017 NFL Draft and believed he would fall to them – until the Chieftains surprised him and took the quarterback.

“As that draft was falling, I was like, ‘That’s ours.’ It’s either him or Deshaun. But Pat, there he was – Kansas City don’t need a quarterback. They took him and I was like, ‘What?’ They had Alex Smith… just went to a Pro Bowl. We loved that.”

As for Coach, who is famous for saying, “No risk it, no biscuit,” Mahomes thinks he may have been the prototype quarterback; everything that jamis winston is wishes it was. So now – instead of years of glory – Cardinals fans are stuck with a man who needs to be bribed to study his playbook.

3. Mahomes is almost a G-Man. was

New York Giants vs Oakland Raiders

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Sitting at number 23 in the 2017 NFL Draft, the New York Giants were looking for a successor to the Eli Manning dynasty. In addition to looking like a 14-year-old boy who is dressing himself up as the 1999 version for Halloween, Ben McAdoo also went head to head in love with Mahomes.

To ESPN of New York Anita MarxThe Giants tried to trade him to select Mahomes because head coach Ben McAdoo “loved” him and was “very upset” that they couldn’t get him off the ground.

The Giants took the 23rd pick in the first round and selected Mississippi tight end Evan Engram to boost their passing game.

Wow! Can you imagine that you’re going to draft Mahomes—but instead, you end up with Evan Engram? talk about being Catfish! It’s like thinking you’re going on a date with a Hemsworth brother—and instead, you get me. (At least I don’t dress like a 14 year old boy on Halloween).

To make matters worse, the quarterback he eventually drafted in to replace Manning was Daniel Jones. That’s not the name of the quarterback! Daniel Jones is a mid-level manager in an unreported corporate office somewhere in Ohio.

4. Mahomes approx let the Good Times roll in the big easy

NFL: August 20 Saints in Texans

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Like his brother-in-law Ben McAdoo, former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was eager to draft Mahomes to take on his old man quarterback. The Saints were coming off three straight 7–9 seasons and were looking to make a move that would put the franchise back on the right track.

Mahomes was the Saints’ expected goal on the first night of the draft in 2017 – partly because he never imagined a scenario where Ohio State cornerback Marshan Lattimore would fall for them at No.

Had Lattimore been in 10th place, the Saints would have pounced on Mahomes. If both were available, it would have made for a fascinating last-minute debate in their war room.

,[Chiefs coach] Andy [Reid] Decided for us,” said Saints coach Sean Payton.

Like almost every other team on this list, the Saints continued to ride their aging quarterback—until the wheels fell off and Drew Brees. died downLeaving a dumpster fire to try to extinguish his successor.

5. It Was Almost Big Pat in Pittsburgh

Detroit Lions vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Of all the teams on this list, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the ones I least hate to see—mostly because of my immense respect for head coach Mike Tomlin.

I mean, just look how good he is! He is basically the antagonist of Ben McAdoo.

When asked about Mahomes in 2018, Tomlin practically gushes over our boy.

“He’s a sharp guy,” Tomlin said of Mahomes on Tuesday. “Interviewed him through the draft process when he came out. He has a truly unique hand talent. He can throw any throw on the field. He can throw from different positions. He can throw stationary, he can throw while moving. He has an amazing exponent of physical brilliance. He’s a fast kid, that’s all. He is mature beyond his years. In conversations with them, I think it’s reflected in the amount of things they were able to do in the last 1 week. Personnel changes, obscure things, designed quarterback moves, gadget moves. He managed it all and managed it very well and managed it in a street sports environment. ,

One must wonder: If the Steelers had landed Mahomes, would JuJu Smith-Schuster move on to play in Kansas City? If so, I doubt the Steelers would have drafted George Pickens this year. But indulge me for a moment: Just imagine the offense with Mahomes, Smith-Schuster, Dionte Johnson, Pickens, and Chase Claypool.

This will happen almost Be as good as the chiefs have now.

In retrospect, it’s easy for a GM to say, “Oh yeah. Mahomes was always our guy.” After the fact, there’s zero risk in saying that you may have selected a future Hall of Fame player.

But Mahomes was only going to land in one place, Kansas City. I 100% believe that if the Chiefs needed to trade up to the first overall pick to take them down, they would have.

Why? Because going into the night’s draft, Dorsey had a Post-It note in his pocket.

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