Telluride Wraps And Now Let The Oscar Buzz Begin As Venice Continues & Toronto Looms

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As the 49th annual Telluride Film Festival draws to a close this Labor Day holiday, it could again be the kind of celebration that ignites the Oscar opportunities for many films that have either their world premieres or North American premieres this weekend. Premiered. As part of the so-called Fall Festival Trifecta of Venice/Telluride/Toronto (the latter beginning Thursday), this is where the more than six-month awards season officially begins, even though Emmy season doesn’t end until then. until a week from today.

Inishrin's Banshee

Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson
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Already in Venice, which is running concurrently with Telluride, we’ve seen several serious, and justifiable, Oscar discussions for several films that premiered there, including on Sunday night. whale, Which has garnered serious Oscar nods for its star, Brendan Fraser, considering his life as a 600-pound man. Today’s world premiere of Martin McDonagh (In Bruges, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) The Banshees of Inishrin There was reportedly a 15-minute standing ovation—the longest ever in Venice—and an uproar and buzz for star Colin Farrell, who could receive his first Oscar nomination. After seeing that movie in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, I can almost guarantee it will happen, as well as supporting prospects for Brendan Gleeson and actress Keri Condon. And there are still more to come. world premiere of Son And blonde milf among others.


Cate Blanchett in ‘Storage’

some movies like bardo, Godown And Bones and All Venice played, and then almost immediately extended it to Telluride, where even the Buzz Machine was working overtime, both positively and negatively. I’ve just caught up with Luca Guadagnino’s horror love story about two gentle cannibalistic youths on the street. Not your typical Telluride fare, so I’m still chewing on its Oscar prospects, but Guadagnino is a true master filmmaker who also had a terrific document, Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams Been playing around here, and it was one of the top docs I’ve seen all year.

bardo r6 r709 001.0538551r 1

Daniele Gimonez Cacho in ‘Bardo’

Some pundits called Alejandro G. Inarritu’s chances to move on for three hours swoon And very personal bardo This was followed by a mixed response in Venice, but Netflix reports that it has heard great things from fellow filmmakers, including Chloe Zhao, who conducted a Q&A with the five-time Oscar winner at Telluride and late at Netflix. The conversation with him was deep. party night in honor of the film, and no doubt, based on the street conversation that the film has here its fans — and detractors. The jury is out on how far this can go, but the knives will always be out there for you in the sorry world of movie Twitter when you already have multiple Oscars. On the downside, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scores are unusually low for expectations of a Best Picture. It certainly has to be Mexico’s frontrunner to submit at least in the international film race. Oscar season is a marathon, not a sprint so let’s see where it leads.

Empire of Light1

‘Kingdom of Light’
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As It Happens in Venice, Best Actress talks with Cate Blanchett for a possible third Oscar, with her stunning performance in Tar He was very deaf in Colorado, just like it was in Venice. He was awarded his first prize of the season as he was given the celebratory silver medal at a special tribute to him (in fact twice he had to participate in two of them). She’s a lock for a nomination, but she’ll have competition as the Telluride world premiere of Sam Mendes’ terrifying, and very personal, film kingdom of light Proven at Telluride, where it was unveiled on Saturday, to a very good response in general, especially for star Olivia Colman, who is bound for her fourth nomination in just five years (she’s a former winner). favorite). Things are looking into this race as another near-sure lock for Michelle Yeoh everywhere together Also made a scene in Telluride, a special performance not for that film but of their 2000 classic. crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Her mild presence here certainly went unnoticed among Oscar voters attending the festival, and that fact is reinforced as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences returned after a two-year absence due to the pandemic. went. They sponsored their packed reception on Saturday and it was a good place to look if you’re just starting a campaign.


Michelle Yeoh, left, and Janet Yango

Brand new AMPAS president Janet Yang created the scene and several stops at Telluride while commenting on the lunch for the stellar new Netflix movie, Lady Chatterley’s lover Joe plays Emma Corinne as well as an award-worthy twist at Dinner Later Wonder With Florence Pugh, that this is proving to be a great year for the ladies. It really is and if you have any doubts watch another major world premiere here, writer/director Sarah Polley’s fantastic new film from Orion/MGM, Talking women. The powerful film has fueled Oscar buzz since its debut in the city on Friday, not only for Polly, who has become a major contender in both directing and adapted screenplays, but for an ensemble cast that’s almost Definitely the frontrunner for the SAG Outstanding Cast Award. But all five slots can be filled by Best Supporting Actress. Veterans Judith Ivey and Sheila McCarthy, Claire Foy, Jesse Buckley and Rooney Mara are all viable. How do you choose? They are all great.

talking woman

‘Women are talking’

Will MGM perhaps try to dethrone Mara in the Best Actress race? If ever there was an argument for creating an ensemble category at the Oscars, it is this film. I suggested it to new AMPAS CEO Bill Kramer when I met him at the Searchlight party Kingdom of Light. “You’re the third person to say this to me today,” he laughed. Could this be a category where the Oscars go to the casting director, and maybe some sort of special certificate or award to the cast? Go to the academy Either way, with a little luck, we may see at least three nominees in Supporting Actress, and this will be the first time ever. tom jones Done in 1963. He canceled himself and was won by Margaret Rutherford instead. VIP

Feedback has been almost universally positive women talking, and emotional. MGM plans to open it in early December, but if there’s ever a film that should be released before mid-term, it’s one that shows the real power of women and their vote. In fact, there is a scene that Democrats should hold that talks about the power of women’s vote, and the studios they should give and at the same time cross-promote their film. just sayin’. It is a powerful film about a group of Mennonite women where men rule and sexual assault has taken place. They have to vote whether to stay or try to leave when they have an opening. It is really compelling.

Out of the premiere of Telluride, I’d say that movie, and Mendes saw people who work in movie theaters by the sea around 1980, kingdom of light This is the best chance to land in the Best Picture race. But then, it’s early and there’s a lot more to come for other festivities and beyond.

Lady Chatterley's lover

“Lady Chatterley’s Boyfriend”

Beyond Todd Field Tar, Other than Joe Blanchett and his legendary German co-star Nina Haus (though the supporting actress is killer — see above), a few can fall into the major categories. He also had his Cannes competition film in focus (sadly it didn’t win any awards there), James Gray’s excellent armageddon time Here with stars Jeremy Strong and Anne Hathaway all over the place and at packed screenings for the film which is fighting for attention against the new toys on display. Up in the mountains at Opening Friday, the Patrons brunch ran into Strong’s Inaritu and geek out at him. “I’ll walk through the fire for you,” he told the director with a laugh, “be careful what you wish for”. In the coming months, the focus will be on promotions for both the films.

Close 2022

A24 begins its domestic campaign for its very impressive Cannes Grand Prize winner, close Here director Lucas Dhont praises the much-acclaimed Belgian contender, who waits (on 16 September) to hear whether it is to become Belgium’s official entry to the international film Oscar race. It deserves to be, and in other categories too, but it’s been a great year for the country and another of their outstanding films, Darden Brothers’ Tori And Lokita, Another award winner was also here at Cannes. Mia Hansen Love’s Directors Fortnight Award Winner, a good morning There was love here as it was at Cannes and she and star Lee Seydoux were soaking up the admiration. It could be – and should be – the entry of France but who knows?



A Sundance entry made it here as well, and finally on a big screen, and that’s the awesomeness of Sony Classics. living And its iconic British star Bill Nighy stunned everyone when he hit Telluride as he planned to launch a Best Actor campaign for the film SPC, and he certainly garnered a crowd for his dazzling performance and first nomination. He could find his way in a full race.

Ellie Timoner and her family

Ellie Timoner and her family in ‘Last Flight Home’
Courtesy of MTV Documentary Films

As I mentioned in my Telluride announcement story on Thursday, Telluride had an unusually high number of docs this year and they nearly cannibalized each other (sorry) bones and all), But at the top of the list of ones I’ve caught are hearty ones from Amazon and Amblin. good night OP As well as Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Smith’s wonderful tribute to Downey’s father, Senior Matthew Heinemann’s Strong Afghanistan Document, fallen There’s also one to watch, and likewise called Right to Die from MTV Documentary Films last flight home That’s worth watching, plus there’s more that Matt Carey has given to our Documented Beat report, and will continue to track.

It’s an ever-changing story, but the race is on. Now I am going to Toronto this week.

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