Stephen A. Smith forgets the basics of football

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Stephen A. Smith is great television. The way he casually swings between idioms in an upbeat, impressionable voice is brilliant. I get jealous of his inflection just looking at him. That said, he also has a series of brain farts that cannot be ignored. even if he’s boasting nil relationship in hockey or is he accepting knew nothing about college football In 2012, Smith’s career has been filled with unfortunate moments that reveal that he really isn’t quite as knowing as he would claim.

One of those moments happened this weekend. As we prepared for Week 1 of the NFL season, Smith was finishing an episode of “First Take” by answering some questions from host Molly Karim. Asked which AFC West team will score the most points this weekend, Smith said, “I’m going with the Chargers!”

“Why?” asked Karim.

“Justin Herbert, Williams, Keenan Allen, period. No one is stopping that offense,” Smith responded.

While I’m a little annoyed that he left Austin Eckler off his list—the man had 20 touchdowns last season—it’s hard to argue against Smith’s hard-hitting data-heavy analysis. I love all those players, and against the weak Raiders secondary, the Chargers are sure to have a great offensive performance.

However, later when Smith was asked which of the Raiders and Chargers would win, Smith backed Silver and Black.

Smith as a whole, he said he didn’t know before leaving with the Raiders. However, if you haven’t noticed the problem, it’s a bit difficult for the Raiders to beat the Chargers if the Chargers get the most points of anyone in their division. Both teams play in the AFC West, so Smith said he expected the Chargers to score the most points in the division, meaning they would score more points than the Chiefs, Raiders and Broncos. Therefore, picking the raiders to win their matchups with the Chargers matters as much as the lore surrounding it. Kingdom Hearts Voting.

Although they are clearly outnumbering Smith at ESPN. Just look at his face when he is being asked these questions. He’s out of it. His mind is on another planet. He just needed a break, and lost track of what he had already said. I know the football season has just begun and that ESPN will need Smith’s disdain for the Cowboys to play their stuff for the next four months, but come on, he obviously has to travel to Aruba or Italy or something. the wanted. Clear his mind, and prepare him. Otherwise, we could hear him defending Dallas this season, and no one wants that.

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