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Tom Holland
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Great news for the five or six people who didn’t end up seeing Spider-Man: No Way Home the first time it was in theaters (we’re estimating herebased on the movie’s ludicrous box office returns): It’s going to get a second run this Labor Day, as part of what Disney is calling the More Fun Stuff release. (Presumably because “Nobody watches Blu-Rays anymore so we can just shove the deleted scenes back into the movie and people will eat it up version“Would have been hard to fit on the poster.”

As noted by Deadlinethe re-release is being timed to the 60th anniversary of the creation of Spider-Man, who debuted in Amazing Fantasy # 15 way back in the fall of 1962. Oh, if only Stan Lee and Steve Ditko could have imagined how far their misanthropic, spider-bitten nerd Peter Parker would go one day, ie, three of him in a movie at once, and also Doctor Strange is there.

(And, yes, that “three of him at once” thing is a bit of a spoiler, but Disney is clearly thrilled to finally be able to use Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, who both co-star in the movie, to advertise the re-release, so we figure it’s fair game at this point.)

The More Fun Stuff version of No Way Home is currently only planned for the US and Canada, although the film’s marketing team has said that more countries will be announced soon. It’s not clear yet how much new material will be added to the movie, which is already two and a half hours long, but we can promise you this: It’ll almost certainly make more money than that “It’s Morbin ‘Time” campaign Sony tried to execute around Morbius last week. (Unless the More Fun Stuff in question involves just shoving the entirety of Morbius into the existing structure of No Way Homein which case, hey, who knows?)

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