She-Hulk Director on Episode 5’s ‘Missing’ Bonus Scene, What Was Left on Cutting Room Floor

She-Hulk: Lawyer at LawThere was a mid-credits teaser in the latest episode of… and yet was not,

Meaning, after Episode 5 ended, there was no live-action tag nor outtake — although the courtroom sketch artist-style illustrations that serve as a backdrop for the end credits have us on the hunt for Nikki. Got to “see” with the Pug. The iconic Iron Man 3 sneakers.

It was easy to see shoes inspired by the costumes of The Thing of the Spy, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, X-Men’s Cyclops, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four among the wall of drips on display.

TVLine asked Episode 5, 6 and 7 director Anu Walia if there were actually plans to film Pug (played by Josh Segarra) and Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) on this fun outing, and it ended up being for whatever reason. . “Shopping of them? No, no,” he replied. “It was just a fun [callback]“For the exchange of favors the allies did earlier in the episode.

Walia then echoed what lead writer/EP Jessica Gao told us earlier, that “not every episode” gets a proper mid-credits scene.

As for the curious selection of superheroes by the sneakers on display — including, as noted, some from the franchise (X-Men, Fantastic Four) to be completely revived by Marvel — Walia explained, “I don’t care. He could, “because” that drawing has input into all those easter eggs, a lot of other minds, and I didn’t. So I can’t really talk to him.”

Since Episode 5 was largely a standard sitcom, TVLine asked Walia if any or both of the other episodes she directed were more action-packed. “You have to see,” he defended. “They’re all so different… I think the upcoming episodes are going to be a lot of fun. I hope people get a kick out of them.”

Talking about some of what made Episode 5 different, Walia said that it was “so much fun” to “go on a little adventure” with Nikki and Pug to “drip broker” (and collect some Avengers merch along the way). To see both of them together.

“Ginger Gonzaga and Josh Segara Have It” commendable Chemistry,” said the director. “there is very The stuff that’s on the cutting room floor didn’t turn into a lot of stuff. It was great fun working with him. ,

she-hulk lukeGriffin Mathews (the flight attendant) went “all in” with his debut as the superpower stars fashion designer Luke Jacobson.

“What he brings to Luke Jacobson is incredible,” Walia said. “It’s also fun to introduce these characters and do right by them.”

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