See The New Marvel Game That Is Bringing In Two Of The Best Superheroes

Marvel has announced a new game that puts Captain America and Black Panther together on the same team.

by Jason Collins | published

During yesterday’s Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, the mass media and entertainment group revealed a war thriller video game starring Black Panther and Captain America in a WWII setting. Sure, the gaming community has turned a lot of Marvel assets into video games, but most of them are, on average, the best. But it doesn’t; The upcoming Marvel game is actually written by the great Amy Hennig, who is credited with writing some of the greatest narratives in gaming, including the upcoming game. Predicted. You can watch the trailer above.

Aside from setting the era-appropriate tone, until the very end of the short cinematic, the trailer doesn’t show much in the context of the narrative, where we see a scratch on Cap’s shield, created by the vibranium claw. The words “King, Captain, Soldier, Spy” flash on the screen before the trailer ends, showcasing the four heroes of the upcoming Marvel game. And while Captain America and Black Panther are immediately identifiable, IGN identifies the other two figures as Howling Commando member Gabriel Jones and the leader of the Wakandan Spy Network, Nanali.

The teaser trailer for the upcoming Marvel game also means that most of the narrative will take place in Paris and Wakanda. Aside from a few small details, such as the Hydra Notebook, Skydance Media appears to be keeping the plot details tightly wrapped. However, it appears that it is inspired by the game Black Panther/Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers Comic book run from 2010. The graphical series ran for four issues and was set in the 1940s with Steve Rodgers and King Azuri (T’Challa’s grandfather) in the forces of Adolf Hitler.

The villains of the comic book fiction, including Hitler, the Red Skull, and Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, reach Wakanda’s vibranium pile in the hopes that it will help Germany win the war. Whether the upcoming and still-untitled Marvel game adopts the narrative or builds on it remains to be seen, but adaptations like these are always interesting — at least in their conceptual stages. Video games, comic books, and movies all have a bad history together, and the number of poorly executed titles has continued to grow over the years.

A good example of this is Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix marvel’s avengers From 2020 – which was the last known gaming team-up between Captain America and Black Panther. The game was released to abysmal reviews, and although widespread opinion of the game improved, it never lived up to the expectations of Square Enix or the gaming community. But the unnamed Marvel game, given that it’s written by Amy Hennig, one of the greatest video game directors and screenwriters of all time.

Amy Hennig began her career with the Nintendo Entertainment System, but her first game was in 1994. Michael Jackson: Chaos in the Windy City Side-scroller for SNES. She later went on to work for Crystal Dynamics, primarily working on Canoe’s Legacy Before switching to Naughty Dog to work on the gaming series – which she considers her greatest achievement – unsolved Chain. In addition to working on the unnamed Marvel game, Any was also in charge of writing forecast – Games, not shoddy marketing material.

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