Scott recalls getting stiffed for playing Stifler.

Seann William Scottthe actor whose role as Steve Stifler in American Pie has made him the eternal, grinning avatar of a certain flavor of early ’00s brodom, was once just another struggling young actor trying to find the right teen sex comedy to launch him into stardom. And, like all former young actors, he has plenty of stories about the trials and tribulations that come with moving up the Hollywood ladder from “guy getting mugged for about $ 2” to “guy who has stories about goofing around with Christopher Walken.”

During a recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Scott was presented with a series of true or false questions about his career gathered from the internet. Pretty soon, Scott was telling the story of heading to a Baywatch audition and getting mugged for his shirt, shoes, and the $ 1.35 in cash he had to his name.

Beyond the loss of these precious items, Scott says the real problem was that he was counting on his shirt hiding that he was out of shape for the Baywatch role and that he didn’t get the part as a result. “When they took the shirt, they took the job,” he recalls, adding that he had also been counting on using the little bit of money that was stolen from him to get home after the audition. As a result, he had to ask the casting people for bus fare. “I remember getting home and it was like, ‘acting sucks, man. It’s so hard, ”he says.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Scott was pumped to get paid about $ 8,000 for his role as one of American Pie‘s main characters a little while later. This money was, to him, a good way to supplement his main income “as a churro guy” at the LA Zoo — a job that sucked because he didn’t even really get to “see the animals.”

Still, fame sometimes arrives overnight, and only a short while later, Scott was starring in The Rundown with The Rock and Christopher Walken. As evidence of how much his life had changed from shirtless guy begging for bus fare, excited to get $ 8,000 for appearing in an era-defining comedy, Scott shares a story about Walken messing with him on set by pretending everyone had forgotten his birthday and asking for tips on where the best steam baths were located.

Take it from Seann William Scott: Getting mugged for your change and underpaid for playing a comedic sex pest may eventually pay off in the end with a chance to be sort of, kind of made the butt of Christopher Walken’s jokes.

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