‘Tis the season for high-glam Christmas ads, and Saint International premier model Tami Williams.

She is bringing her extra-special brand of Jamaican flavor to American luxury fashion design house Kate Spade’s new multi-media winter holiday campaign.

Lensed in The Big Apple by in-demand industry photog Sean Thomas, Williams co-stars alongside her model peer Ariel Nicholson in the festively fab ad campaign.

Williams rocking the Kate Spade bicolour floral taxi dress and smile crossbody bag for the brand’s holiday campaign. (Photos: via Saint International)

Williams and Nicholson weren’t the only stars on set. The campaign also features Kate Spade’s wardrobe must-haves that spans the gamut from a floral jacquard print tote and ‘smile velvet’ crossbody bags, to bicolour floral maxi dresses and the ‘just rosy’ tie-waist dress.

‘I absolutely loved working with the Kate Spade team,’ the NY-based model shared with Loop Lifestyle.

‘Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, and although we shot well in advance, getting in the spirit of the holiday season was a lot of fun. I channelled wonderful Christmas memories of times spent with my mother, Carlene and my sisters and family, and that was very helpful to capture the mood, ‘Williams gushed.

In addition to photog Sean Thomas, the on-set production team included stylist Jessica Diehl, makeup artist Ingeborg, and hairstylist Braydon Nelson.

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Williams previously collaborated with the brand for the Spring / Summer 2021 lookbook, which was officially released earlier this year.

The brand was founded in 1993 by the late journalist graduate-turned-fashion designer Kate Spade and her architect husband Andy.

While their company only initially sold handbags, it expanded to include Stationery, shoes, beauty products, perfume, raincoats, sleepwear, and eyewear.

Arguably Jamaica’s most successful fashion model, the now 23-year-old Williams – discovered by SAINT CEO Deiwght Peters as a teenager – has enjoyed an international fashion career of unrivalled dizzying highs that have seen her as an advertising face for the biggest industry names from Balmain to Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino.

Within the last year alone, Williams’ ever-growing client listing includes Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2021 ad campaign shot by Lachlan Bailey; the Fall 2021 ad campaign / lookbook for American retail chain Bloomingdales photographed by Yulia Gorbachenko; The summer 2021 lookbook for J Crew, as well as multi-media campaigns for Tiffany’s, Cole Haan, and Maybelline, the latter for which she is a beauty brand ambassador.

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