Stris fans, your time has come!

Sunday’s upcoming SWAT Season 5 Episode 15 premiere will involve hospital employees getting targeted by a gunman and feature the directorial debut by series star Lina Esco.

The episode will see 20-Squad trying to find a grieving father whose son was denied a kidney transplant and in this exclusive clip, Street opens up to Chris after someone close to him got caught in the crossfire and it’s heartwarming.

Chris in Action - SWAT Season 5 Episode 15

Street and Chris’ relationship has been a long time coming, ever since the first season.

It seemed like things could finally pick up for them recently during SWAT Season 5, but of course, nothing ever comes easy for them.

Street hasn’t been too open about what he went through after having his surgery, especially since Chris was in Germany for it but it seems like that will change.

With Lina Esco directing the episode, surely there will be at least a few Stris moments thrown in there and from the looks of the clip, that is true.

Chris Holding Up Her Hands - SWAT Season 5 Episode 15

Along with this touching moment, the episode will also include Hondo trying to prove his theory of the culprit behind an increase in LA stash houses.

Knowing Hondo, he is going to put everything he has in him in that theory.

He is not one to back down from anything, and we have seen that first hand in multiple instances.

Following his stint in Mexico, Hondo has gone above and beyond to prove even more that he belongs as the squad leader and he’s likely putting every effort he has in the stash houses to avoid feelings about Nichelle’s recent adoption falling through.

Hondo Blue Steel - SWAT Season 5 Episode 15

Sunday’s episode of SWAT will mark the 99th overall episode of the series, meaning the big Episode 100 milestone is coming up next.

The milestone will center around Hondo being framed for murder after a couple fellow officers are killed.

He and the team will then try to figure out who is really behind it and since it is the 100th episode, fans can expect some references to previous seasons, and hopefully some guest stars.

Because of the Grammys airing on Sunday, April 3, SWAT is taking a break, but it will be back the following week to celebrate the big episode.

Street in Action - SWAT Season 5 Episode 15

The upcoming episode, titled “Donor,” marks Lina Esco’s first time directing and she had this to say about the experience:

“Directing is such a unique experience and I think actors should try it at least once and see if their hearts are really in it. My cast were all super supportive. I loved directing them all and they all brought it. I love to collaborate and being able to do it with a crew I’m so tight with was a dream. We had a blast! “

Lina Esco is the latest SWAT star to make their directorial debut this season, as Alex Russell made his directing debut with the midseason finale before the end of 2021.

Chris Listening - SWAT Season 5 Episode 15

Hopefully the “will they, won’t they” trope for Stris doesn’t last too much longer, and they finally take things a step further since they both know how they feel about the other.

Fingers crossed we get an answer about them soon!

Take a look at the exclusive clip below and comment what you think about the sweet Stris moment!

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