Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Missiles strike Odessa; Biden signs bill to expedite military aid

//Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Missiles strike Odessa; Biden signs bill to expedite military aid

Despite weeks of fear that the Kremlin may double down on its assault on Ukraine on Victory Day, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not escalate his war efforts on the anniversary marking the Allied triumph over Nazi Germany during World War II, which he celebrated with a huge parade in Moscow. Across the border in Ukraine, major cities had one of the calmest days since the invasion.

Still, the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa was struck by a volley of Russian missiles on Monday evening, including three Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, a regional Ukrainian military official alleged. Attacks earlier in the day forced European Council President Charles Michel to seek shelter during an official visit. But the Pentagon assessed that Russian forces do not have the capability to launch a ground or maritime offensive against the Black Sea port. Russian advances in the Donbas region remain “incremental” and “anemic,” a senior US defense official told reporters on Monday, as they face fierce Ukrainian resistance near cities such as Kharkiv.

To signal Washington’s resolve to back Kyiv, President Biden on Monday signed into law a bill that would expedite the process of sending military aid to Ukraine and urged Congress to approve a separate multibillion-dollar aid package for Ukraine.

Here’s what else to know

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin did not mention Ukraine by name in his Victory Day speech but again falsely accused Ukrainians of being Nazis and insisted without evidence that Kyiv was planning to build nuclear weapons.
  • European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen made a surprise visit to Budapest on Monday to try to persuade Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to drop his objection to a proposed European Union embargo on Russian oil. However, their talks ended without a deal.
  • The Pulitzer Prize Board honored the journalists of Ukraine on Monday with a special citation “for their courage, endurance, and commitment to truthful reporting” during Russia’s invasion and “propaganda war.”
  • The Washington Post has lifted its paywall for readers in Russia and Ukraine. Telegram users can subscribe to our channel.

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