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Rhea Ripley took to social media to respond to claims that the WWE superstar had stolen some of her now-iconic in-ring look.

Actress Grace Rizzo, who can be seen on the FX television series Mayans MC, took to Twitter earlier this week to note the similarities between her own tattoo – the scales of justice, or a common symbol for the Zodiac sign Libra – and the scales that Ripley sports on her face on WWE TV. Rizzo noted that she had the tattoo for three years, and accused Ripley and WWE of taking the idea.

In response, Ripley noted that she’s drawn logos and random things under her eyes for a long time, that Rizzo didn’t own the scales of justice design, and that she had no clue who Rizzo was, before telling her to get over herself and keep her name out of Rizzo’s mouth. In a follow-up tweet, Ripley then joked about the situation, noting that she was planning on calling someone out for “stealing” her look because of a similar haircut and hair color, before noting that she wanted it to “scream” I want more followers, ‘”taking a shot at Rizzo’s social media account.

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