Republicans slam ‘hypocritical’ Biden for flying to Delaware on taxpayer dime to vote, Dems defend move

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Despite advocating vote-by-mail, congressional Republicans are criticizing President Biden for using taxpayer resources to travel to Delaware to vote in the state’s primary this week, while Democrats defend his move. are doing.

GOP lawmakers told Fox News Digital that the president’s round-trip jaunt was a waste of taxpayer money and contrary to policies the White House has pushed since taking office.

Rap Nancy Mays, R.C. “But secondly, he’s been mailing ballots for the past two years and now he’s going to vote in person. Seems a little hypocritical.”

Other lawmakers questioned why Biden chose not to pay for the cost of the trip himself. He was also in Delaware over the weekend and returned to Washington, DC on Sunday, two days before returning to the state to vote in person.

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US President Joe Biden waves aboard Air Force One to visit Philadelphia from Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, US March 11, 2022.
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Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., said, “The only thought that came to my mind was who paid for it? Does he pay for it? I pay for it when I vote.” “I think everyone does, I read $177,000 because they forgot to vote absentee. That’s not a very good example for anyone.”

The exact cost of the trip is unclear, but the Air Force reported in 2014 that the average cost of flying a Presidential Boeing 747 for one hour was more than $206,000. However, Biden carried a smaller Boeing 757 Delaware this week, according to Bloomberg.

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“I think it’s a huge waste of taxpayer money,” said Rep. Gary Palmer, R-Ala. “I think it’s another indication of how Democrats will politicize everything, because it’s all about the show, not actually participating in the election.”

"He has been mailing ballots for the last two years and now he is going to vote in person," Representative Nancy Mace said. "Seems a bit hypocritical."

“He’s been mailing in ballots for the past two years and now he’s going to vote in person,” said Representative Nancy Mays. “Sounds a little hypocritical.”

The White House defended the visit, saying the president considered it important to show the American public the importance of voting at a time when electoral integrity was in question.

“The presidential program is very heavy,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. “He thought it was important to exercise his right to vote and set an example by showing the importance of voting.”

Congressional Democrats say criticism of the GOP is unfair.

"I think this is a huge waste of taxpayers money," said Rep. Barry Moore, R-Ala.

“I think it’s a huge waste of taxpayer money,” said Rep. Barry Moore, R-Ala.
(Reuters/Emily Elkonin)

“Why would it be bad to go and vote,” Representative Lisa Blunt of Rochester, D-Del. told Fox News Digital.

Other Democrats, such as Rep. Richie Torres, argued that Republicans were actually hypocrites criticizing Biden’s decision to vote in person in Delaware.

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“I remember Republicans who are critical of absentee voting,” Torres said. “So, it seems that these criticisms are largely in bad faith. He personally has every right… I am proud that as president, no matter how busy his schedule, he is a citizen.” manage to take the time to attend.”

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