Reported explosion at Northeastern University being investigated as possible hoax, I-Team sources say

BOSTON – Sources tell WBZ-TV’s i-team that police are now investigating whether there was an explosion at Northeastern University at all on Tuesday night and are looking into the possibility that it was a hoax.

Boston police received a report of an explosion from Holmes Hall at around 7 p.m. Sources told the I-team that a staff member opened a hard suitcase called the Pelican Case. There was no gun powder or explosives in the case, but it was under pressure and the male employee suffered a minor injury to his hand.

The I-Team also learns that a note was left behind, giving some clues that it may have been a hoax. Described as a threatening manifesto, it was addressed to the manager of the technology lab, demanding that it stop working on artificial intelligence, virtual reality and “metaverse”, specifically Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Referring to.

The anti-technology typewrite note containing multiple typos and misspellings said it would decontaminate laboratories and provided a timeline to comply.

Police say that the investigation is going on and no one is in custody yet.

The victim, a 45-year-old man, suffered minor injuries to his hands and was taken to a hospital for treatment. No student was hurt. The man’s name has not been made public.

Sources told WBZ-TV’s i-team that the package was a Pelican case, which is made of a rigid plastic material and is usually used to carry video cameras. Sources told WBZ’s Cheryl Fiandaka that those cases are in the building on a regular basis and would not be unusual.

Northeastern’s immersive video lab is in Holmes Hall. Artificial Intelligence is also taught there and there was a meeting of Virtual Reality Lab on Monday.

The Leon Street building was evacuated and evening classes in the surrounding buildings were cancelled. Another similar package came to the fore during a police search. He said it was “securely provided” by the bomb squad.

Boston Police is working with the Joint Terrorism Task Force to investigate the explosion.

“We advise anyone who may see something to say something, and let us know and dial 911,” said Boston Police Commissioner Michael Cox.

The FBI in Boston is giving its full support to the investigation and was seen back in Hall on Wednesday.

“We are fully integrated with our partners and committed to resolving the incident safely,” said FBI assistant special agent in charge Jason Cromarty.

The building was deemed safe on Tuesday night and the premises were open on Wednesday.

“Several law enforcement agencies have determined that the campus is safe and secure. Classes, research and all other campus activities have resumed today,” the university said in a statement on Wednesday.

Northeastern is now offering counseling for students and staff. Click here for more information.

Other colleges in the area have urged campuses to be on alert. The Wentworth Institute of Technology canceled classes until Wednesday afternoon so the buildings could be searched and secured.

“This is still an ongoing investigation,” Boston Mayor Michelle Wu said Wednesday. “I am very grateful to our law enforcement partners from the local level at the university, the FBI who were responding promptly and making sure all of our students and community members were safe. The scene was immediately secure and we are continuing to do so. Follow very closely.”

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