Report: Giants’ Brian Daboll has been FaceTiming free agent receivers

New York Giants head coach Brian Dabol isn’t concerned about the week-to-week competition for the team’s wide receivers and play time.

“Whether it’s the highest paid player, the lowest paid player, the highest draft taker, a free agent with no draft – we’re going to go out there and let the people compete,” Dabol told reporters on Monday. Will let you do it.” “One week doesn’t mean the next week is going to be the same. I think everyone understands what we’re trying to do as an organization, to be better, to compete for spots. For, working as hard as they can.”

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In week 1, Kadarius Tony pulled the short straw and saw only seven snaps. In Week 2, the team’s highest-paid player was the role played by Kenny Golladay, who took just seven snaps. Meanwhile, other receivers like David Sills have seen an increase in play time.

This has been Dabol’s approach before the training camp and is unlikely to change. How this is interpreted is up for debate.

Dabol emphasizes this because the group is deep, talented and competitive. Others believe this is because the Giants lack the depth of quality in positions outside a select few.

While Dabol would never publicly acknowledge the latter, what he is doing privately supports that theory.

Pro Football Network’s Aaron Wilson reports that Dabol has been busy with FaceTiming free agent wide receivers and is weighing his options.

According to a league source, Dabol is doing FaceTiming with free agent wide receivers.

League sources also told Wilson that Goladay’s attitude and effort have not been questioned, but that his abilities do not fit the Giants’ effort.

Under new coach Brian Dabol and general manager Joe Schönen, they are simply trying to play the players they think give the team the best chance of winning right now. And his actions tell a lot about Goladay. They don’t think he can help them right now. Hence, why is he not playing more.

“It’s a bad contract, and they’ve inherited Kenny,” a league source said. “Brian and Joe aren’t going to play a guy just because he makes a lot of money. He’s not their guy. They’re playing their boys. It’s who it is.”

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“I haven’t heard anything bad about his attitude,” said a source. “Looks like it’s just a football decision, nothing personal.”

Not only Golladay, receivers have underperformed so far this season. This is something that even Sterling Shepard has acknowledged.

“We have to do better on the pre-snap,” Shepard told reporters this week. “Guys need to know where to go. Many times, I included, I was going down the wrong path. Then you look at the clock and we have to hurry, which wastes a little bit of time.” It gets done. Especially in our room – it starts with me – we have a lot of work to do.”

Dan Duggan of The Athletic recently outlined what went wrong, highlighting the issues in dealing with Golladay.

There was a scene during practice last Wednesday that seemed minor at the time, but, last time, seems telling. At the start of each exercise, the quarterbacks throw passes to the receiving passers-by in the air. Golladay ran a go-route, and quarterback Daniel Jones launched a pass from about 40 yards. Gollade didn’t come close to catching the pass, which landed a few yards from his grasp. It was initially impossible to tell whether Jones had overshot the receiver, but the reaction from the Giants’ coaches indicated frustration with Golladay’s inability to catch an accurate pass.

The Giants don’t have much cap space and are likely to make something up for signing a free agent wide receiver. However, there are some interesting options out there such as Will Fuller, Antonio Brown, TY Hilton and Mohamed Sanu.

Oh yeah… there’s also a guy named Odell Beckham Jr., who will recover later this season.

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