Reason Meghan Markle didn’t go to Balmoral with Prince Harry

A BBC royal correspondent insisted Meghan Markle stayed in London on Thursday instead of joining her husband Prince Harry at Queen Elizabeth II’s bedside at Balmoral.

When the Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II was “under medical supervision” and that doctors were “concerned” about her health, most senior members of the royal family, including the monarch’s children and grandchildren, lost their beloved property. And ran. Scottish Highlands.

Prince Harry is pictured running to Balmoral Castle without his wife on the deathbed of his grandmother, who was left behind in London, possibly for fear of being turned away.
Meghan Markle - Queen - Harry
It was initially reported that Meghan would be traveling with Harry to the Queen’s bedside.
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A spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex initially said the couple would visit Balmoral Castle together, but it later emerged that Markle would not be with her husband Prince Harry, ultimately due to an unspecified “change of plans”. .

The BBC’s royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell speculated during an evening broadcast that the real reason Markle may have stayed behind in London.

“To be completely clear about this, they cannot be given a very warm welcome,” he said.

Britain’s longest-reigning Queen, died peacefully at Balmoral at the age of 96, leaving behind her family including her son and heir, Charles, now King Charles III, her three other children and grandson Prince William. Surrounded by many close members.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was left behind in Windsor to look after her and William’s three children.

Prince Harry arrived in Scotland hours after his grandmother’s death was announced. Her and Markle’s Archwell Foundation homepage later displayed a touching tribute to the Queen.

Harry was seen consoled by airport staff on Friday while boarding a flight to Windsor. He was the first royal to leave Balmoral.

harry at the airport
Prince Harry was later seen consoled by an airport worker as he left Scotland.
BBC royal correspondent speculates Meghan Markle chose to stay away from Queen's deathbed because "He cannot be greeted with terrifying warmth."
The BBC’s royal correspondent speculated that Meghan Markle opted to stay away from the Queen’s deathbed because “she may not be given a very warm welcome.”
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harry leaves
Harry was the first person in the family pictured leaving Balmoral.
Prince Charles walks Meghan down the aisle
Harry and Meghan were in the UK to promote charitable causes but were not scheduled to meet members of the royal family before the Queen’s death.
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Harry and his wife had traveled to the UK from their home in California to promote their charitable cause but had no plans to meet with the royal family amid the ongoing controversy.

The last time the Sussexes saw the Queen during their Platinum Jubilee celebrations was in June, when the monarch had a chance to meet her great-granddaughter Lillibet.

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