HARLEM, NY – Randall’s Island Park is getting over $ 22 million to upgrade the pathways and improve its bike and pedestrian circulation, park officials announced recently.

Since 2012, the Randall’s Island Park Alliance has been working to improve pathways throughout its 330-acre green space with the goal of better connecting visitors to park resources.

The new funding included in the NYC Parks 2023 executive capital budget will go to “completely reconstruct the main roadways in poor condition and to add bicycle and pedestrian circulation improvements at Randall’s Island Park.”

The funding is in addition to the nearly $ 17 million that the park secured toward roadway repairs a few years ago.

The design of the newest repairs is currently ongoing and there is not yet an anticipated start date for the project.

In February of this year, Randall’s Island Park also announced that the state will spend $ 3.7 million to refurbish the shoreline.

The funding will go to shoreline stabilization, erosion prevention and coastal resilience along a half-mile stretch of the island’s Water’s Edge Pathway, which runs along its west side from the 103rd Street Footbridge to the Little Hell Gate Inlet.

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