Rams star Aaron Donald doesn’t want to talk about the helmet-swinging brawl with Bengals

Aaron Donald doesn’t want to talk about the wild helmet-swinging controversy he was involved in last month.

The Los Angeles Rams star, who appeared to be at the center of a fight during a joint exercise between the Cincinnati Bengals last month, didn’t want to go into any details on Monday afternoon.

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His focus, he said, is only on the opening of his session against the Bills.

“I’m glad no one got hurt in practice and whatever, but my main focus is Thursday night against Buffalo,” Donald said via the Los Angeles Times.

Ram involved in feud with Aaron Donald, Bengals

The Rams and Bengals had joint practice in Ohio before their preseason game last month, though one practice was abruptly ended after a fight between last year’s Super Bowl teams.

Video of the brawl showed a player swinging a helmet at the other team, and Donald was knocked to the ground with a Bengals helmet in his right hand. Donald was later seen holding two Bengals helmets in his hands.

It is unclear what caused the fighting in the first place. Ram said he was planning to handle any discipline internally.

While it’s unclear whether Donald was actually swinging a helmet during that mail, he acknowledged that doing so was a step too far.

“Sure,” he replied when asked if swinging a helmet was dangerous, via the Los Angeles Times. “Everyone protected each other, everyone got out of the situation, clean, healthy. That’s what mattered.”

The NFL generally does not take steps to handle penalties or discipline from combined practices. However, the league suspended Cleveland Browns defensive end Miles Garrett for six games in 2019 after he ripped off Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet and swung at him during a game.

It is unclear how disciplined Donald was.

“You never normally want to swing a helmet on anybody,” defensive coordinator Raheem Morris said via the Los Angeles Times. “But at times some helmets have been torn.

“You never want to do those things. You don’t want to put it on your resume. You don’t want to put it on paper. You don’t want to put it at a glance. But at the same time, those things happen in practice. They are mistakes, they are errors and they are correctable.”

Aaron Donald doesn’t want to focus on the wild brawl between his team and the Bengals last month. (Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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