Prisco’s NFL Week 1 picks: Chargers roll over Raiders, Baker Mayfield tops ex-team, Jaguars upset Commanders

one game at a time. one week at a time.

Don’t ever look any further. It should be week by week.

This is a four-quarter season, with the first quarter being the most important right now.

Coach – Speak. don’t you love it? Well, it also deals with choosing the game. Getting off to a good start is essential if you want any chance to win – and maybe win it all. It’s hard to even start well. There is so much uncertainty, especially with all the free-agency and coaching changes every year.

Here’s some advice to get started fast:

1. Ignore the Precision. it means nothing.

2. Look for teams that are putting back lots of experienced players to get off to a good start.

3. Passers-by and passers-by. That’s what the league is about. Take those teams – especially early on.

With that, it’s time for my first choice of the season. I’ll pick games here every week, too, against the spread in our expert picks and once again put my best bets every week on the Pick Six podcast.

Last year was a good season. Let’s continue this. After all, I had a good off-season, recovered from all my injuries this season and believe I can win it all.

Of course, I’ll take it one pick at a time.

One winner at a time.

Looking no further for this man. Not when a week’s loss can ruin an entire season.

Featured games , Los Angeles Rams vs Buffalo Bills

The home team coming out of the Super Bowl is playing well 10-5-1 in these games. But I’m going to buck that trend and take it to cover the bills and win this game. Buffalo will be explosive on crime all year round and that’s where it starts. But the biggest difference is that they have Von Miller and Ram doesn’t. That would mean a late sack-fumble-game-over to win the Bills.

to select: Bill 30, Ram 24

Featured games , Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints

These two teams don’t like each other and it usually shows. The Saints are the better team, but what will they get from Jameis Winston on a weekly basis? Marcus Mariota starts for the Falcon. He can walk, but the defense of the Saints has a chance to be special. They will limit Atlanta’s offense here and Winston will have enough plays down the field.

to select: Saint 29, Falcons 13

Featured games , Carolina Panthers vs Cleveland Browns

This is the Baker Mayfield bowl. He is the starting quarterback for the Panthers, having been dismissed by the Browns for Deshaun Watson, who is now suspended. Jacobi Brissette will open for Brown. Mayfield has a lot of skill talent and the young defense of the Panthers will be improved. Carolina won it as Mayfield defeated his old team.

to select: Panthers 23, Brown 17

Featured games , Chicago Bears vs San Francisco 49ers

This is Trey Lance’s first game at quarterback as the actual starter for the 49ers. This can cause a lot of pressure on the road. But the 49ers are clearly the better team. Kyle Shanahan will make it easy for Lance. Justin Fields would have problems behind a shaky line for the Bears against a good 49ers defense. The 49ers win big.

to select: 49ers 23, Bears 14

Featured games , Detroit Lions vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Steelers come in as a division dog, a role that Mike Tomlin has done well as coach, leading 14-6. There are concerns about the Steelers offensive line, which is why the numbers are bloated. But Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has been battling appendicitis all season, which could lead to some rustling. The Steelers will go around in it, but the Bengals will win it late.

to select: Bengals 23, Steelers 20

Featured games , Detroit Lions vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are expected to make a deep playoff team. That’s how quarterback Jalen Harts can progress as a passer, which is what he considered this off-season. The Lions will be a tough team every week, given the personality of their coach. But facing this offense from the Eagles will be a challenge for their defense. Hearts season will start well.

to select: Eagles 31, Lions 21

Featured games , Houston Texans vs Indianapolis Colts

This would be Matt Ryan’s first game as Colts quarterback after coming in a trade. Ryan is still able to light things up, which will prove to be a challenge for the Texans defense. They can pound Jonathan Taylor, too. Davis Mills was looking good for the Texans at the end of last year, which will move here. See a lot of points in a tight game.

to select: Colts 31, Texans 27

Featured games , Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots

The Patriot is in an unusual position as a street dog here. They are coming off an uncertain preseason, while Miami Tua Tagovailoa is coming off a preseason full of hype. He has a lot of weapons and looks good, which makes this a great game for him. I think Mike McDaniel will get the ball out early to his playmakers and cause problems for a defense that isn’t as talented as in years past. The Dolphins have beaten the Patriots three times in a row. Make four.

to select: Dolphins 24, Patriots 19

Featured games , New York Jets vs Baltimore Ravens

This Joe Flaco could be the start for the Jets against his former team if Zach Wilson doesn’t come back from a knee injury. Flacco won a Super Bowl for the Ravens, but it’s been a while since he did. Lamar Jackson has recovered after the 2021 season, and I think he’s off to a good start here. The Ravens have some pass rush questions, but they’ll get around it against their old quarterback. is closed.

to select: Ravens 26, Jets 23

Featured games , Washington Commander vs Jacksonville Jaguars

It will be former Eagles coach Doug Pedersen going up against his former Eagles quarterback in Carson Wentz. The Jaguars defeated Wentz and the Colts in the finale last year, which is why he is no longer in Indianapolis. They will beat him again. The Jaguar Defense has a chance to be really good, and it shows here.

to select: Jaguar 21, Commander 17

Featured games , Tennessee Titans vs New York Giants

The Titans suffered a hit to their defense last week when Harold Landry went down with a torn ACL. This will affect the nearby crowd in a big way. Legendary coach Brian Dabol will make his debut here and he should be able to create problems for that defense without Landry. The Titans will outlast Derrick Henry, but they have problems with the passing game. Giants will roam in it.

to select: Titans 28, Giants 27

Featured games , Arizona Cardinals vs Kansas City Chiefs

It should be fun to see Patrick Mahomes go up against Kyler Murray. It will be interesting to see how Mahomes fares without Tyrek Hill. Here’s a thought: He’ll be fine. The Arizona corner position is volatile, which Mahomes will take advantage of here. The chief will win a high scoring game.

to select: Chiefs 33, Cardinals 24

Featured games , Los Angeles Chargers vs Las Vegas Raiders

The game featured two teams that would push for a playoff spot and a division title. The Raiders defeated the Chargers in the final last season to reach the playoffs. This time, it will be different. The Chargers will be able to slow Derek Carr at home with Khaleel Mack added on defense. Justin Herbert, on the other hand, will have a big day.

to select: Chargers 30, Raiders 21

Featured games , Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers has 13 touchdown passes and no picks in his last four games against the Vikings. But he went 2-2 in those games. This time the difference will be of Green Bay defence. That unit has a chance to be special. Vikings tackles an explosive offense, but in that the offense doesn’t roll out like it would. Packers take.

to select: Packers 24, Vikings 19

Featured games , Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

These two come into play with concerns on their aggressive lines. That’s a problem for Tom Brady, which doesn’t bode well. Dak Prescott will be able to handle himself by moving around and creating problems out of pocket. The Cowboys would win a tough, defensive game for a 1-0 start.

to select: Cowboys 20, Books 17

Featured games , Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

It’s Russell Wilson’s return to play from his former team that makes it really interesting. The Seahawks are almost in rebuilding mode after trading him, but playing at home on Monday night will make it a tough game for Wilson. I think the Seahawks keep it close.

to select: Broncos 27, Seahawks 23

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