Although Sony’s Marvel movie Morbius was not the hit with fans that they might’ve been hoping for, it’s still become notorious for other reasons. The film has managed to become a massive meme with many fans laughing at the movie rather than with it. Now one fan who’s since been banned on Twitch, who fittingly had the username “Morbius247,” attempted adding to the meme in a rather hilarious way. This user chose to stream Morbius on Twitch for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on a repeated loop. The video playing the Marvel movie managed to reach around 10,000 views before it was completely removed as a policy violation.

After all, it is not legal to host an unauthorized stream of such a film. But one thing’s for sure – it probably helped a lot from a marketing standpoint. It’s certainly a funny way to add to the immortal meme that is turning out to be the film Morbius.

As noted via ComicBook:

“The channel has nearly 2,000 followers and its bio reads’ Morbius related channel. Morbius mixes, news, big plays, tilts. Everything that is somewhat related to Morbius. ‘”

Although, as noted above, the Marvel movie was removed from Twitch due to being a policy violation. As such the channel, its followers, and the looped stream itself are all gone. But one can only imagine that it’s far from the last we’ll see of Morbius and the way fans, or perhaps the opposite of fans, have been making memes of the film. Fans can thus stay tuned to ScreenGeek for any additional updates on Morbius and its franchise potential as we have them.

Morbius is currently available for audiences to stream legally, with a physical home video release scheduled for June 14, 2022. It will be followed by several others Spider-Man spin-offs like Venom 3 and Kraven the Hunter.

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