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1. Rams: The good news is, the defending champions always start on top. Bad news, there’s only one direction to go.

2. Buccaneers: This sounds like Tom Brady’s last ride. And it has always seemed to her that she is destined to carry a trophy under her arm.

3. Bill: They’ve been aiming for a Super Bowl winner without ever coming into the game in almost 30 years.

4. Chief: How come they are more widely considered not ready to go back for exactly four years?

5. Packers: With an empty receiver room, the Cheeseheads may soon turn to ayahuasca.

6. Bengals: Will 80 per cent turnover improve the offensive line? It really can’t be much worse than the postseason.

7. The 49ers: If they can get enough performance from the quarterback position and avoid major injuries, they can make it back to the Super Bowl.

8. Titans: Is this Ryan Tanhill’s last chance to take Titans to the next level?

9. Eagles: Five years after winning the Super Bowl, they’re ready to fight again.

10. Cowboys: Can they win the playoffs this year? First they have to go back there.

11. Colts: At a time when everyone is wondering whether Russell Wilson will join the Tom Brady/Matthew Stafford parade for the NFL title from the new team, Matt Ryan might actually be in a better position to pull it off.

12. The Ravens: In a tightly packed AFC, they are as capable of reaching the postseason as anyone there and winning more than one game there.

13. Cardinals: They will recover in September and October. There will be pressure in November and December, especially with hard Knocks In-season cameras and microphones there.

14. Attacker: The offense must be fine. What could slow the Defense Department’s other three offenses?

15. Chargers: Is it a playoff or bust for already second year coach Brandon Staley?

16. Steelers: Write them at your own risk.

17. Patriots: How many years did Tom Brady fight for the Super Bowls before Brady got more credit than Bill Belichick?

18. Dolphins: If Tua completes this, the Dolphins could advance to the round of eight, and perhaps even the AFC Championship.

19. Broncos: The bar is higher than it should be for a team that has made many changes in the last two years. Especially since they have to compete against Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers.

20. The Saints: The passing of Sean Peyton is met with a surprising amount of nonchalance. It is a huge void, and it is still unclear whether anyone in the coaching staff will be able to fill it.

21. Browns: If they eventually win the Super Bowl with Deshaan Watson, the bizarre trip to 2022 will probably be worth it. For nothing less than that.

22. Vikings: Ding Dong the Jim is dead. That’s enough to take the Vikings to the playoffs.

23. Panthers: They have the talent to fight. Due to which the seat will become even hotter for the coaching staff.

24. Washington: This is Carson Wentz’s last chance to become an NFL starter. Will that be enough to stop him from being careless with the ball?

25. Seahawks: Pete Carroll’s presence forces us to take him more seriously. Still, it looks like they’ll have a tough time – especially in a difficult split.

26. Falcons: Matt Ryan was a cornerstone of the franchise since 2008. How could they not take a step back without him?

27. Giants: It’s going to take more than a year to tarnish the roster.

28. Lions: Can they climb ladders? Absolutely. Will they? we will see.

29. Jaguars: If they were in the NFC, they would be a fringe playoff contender. In the AFC, there are a lot of good teams right now.

30. Bear: They’re tearing it up to make it. It may take some time to make it.

31. Jet: Hopefully, the ownership will give the current regime enough time to get the most out of its existing roster.

32. Texans: Bad news, they’ve earned this spot. The good news is, there’s only one direction to go.

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