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It’s time to give some prizes. No trophy. no cash. Nothing but satisfaction.

Our weekly awards include Offensive Player of the Week, Defensive Player of the Week, Rookie of the Week, Coach of the Week and Game of the Week.

The highly specialized selection process consists of a measured application of analytical measurements and complex mathematical models, combined with careful examination of prevailing meteorological conditions and consideration of relevant astrological conditions and phenomena.

Actually, I ask PFT writers what they think, and then I come up with something. Here’s what we came up with this week.

Offensive Player of the Week: Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

The third-year quarterback had six touchdown passes in one of the most exciting games the Dolphins have played in years. Fifty pass. Thirty-six completions. 469 yards. a wonderful day.

He has definitely improved under the new coaching staff. And it’s not just head coach Mike McDaniel. Quarterback coach and passing game coordinator Darrell Bevel helped push Tua toward a ceiling he knew.

“Bev is definitely a practical coach,” receiver Jaylen Waddle told PFT over the phone after Sunday’s game. “He is definitely very passionate about his work and is passionate about working with Tua. He will show that throughout the week in practice, he and Tua are chatting about what they see and how it wins us over. will help, especially in critical situations.”

There were a number of serious conditions on Sunday, and all of them had Tua.

Other Finalists: Bills receiver Stephen Diggs (12 catches, 148 yards, three touchdowns), Eagles quarterback Jalen Harts, 333 passing yards, one passing touchdown, two rushing touchdowns), Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill (11 catches, 190 yards, two touchdowns) , Waddell (11 catches, 171 yards, two touchdowns), Packers running back Aaron Jones (15 carries, 132 rushing yards, two total touchdowns).

Defensive Player of the Week: Eagles cornerback Darius Slay.

Slay closed his receiver Justin Jefferson, intercepted a pair of passes, and delivered a ball to Sixers All-Star James Harden. Along the way, Slay re-entered the national conversation as an elite cover corner.

Slay told reporters after the game, “I have a lot of respect, but you know how it always goes, the older you get, they think you’re falling, but I’m one of those people.” I am not.” “I’m still at an elite level. I deserve a lot of respect. I think the league respects me a lot. It’s just the media.”

Well, at least some people in the media recognized what he did.

Other Finalists: Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons (two sacks), Buccaneers cornerback Jemel Dean (two interceptions), Lions defensive and Aidan Hutchinson (three sacks).

Rookie of the week: Jets receiver Garrett Wilson.

The first-round receiver had more than 100 receiving yards and two touchdowns in an impossible win by the Jets.

For his second score, Wilson performed like someone who had more than two games under his belt. He explained to PFT after the game that he recognized the coverage as the one the Browns had used earlier in the game against the same game.

So he decided to accelerate his route, circled around a defensive back and found a hole in the coverage. Quarterback Joe Flacco delivered the ball—and Wilson began to fulfill his team’s belief that he would become a star in this league.

Other finalists were Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson (three sacks), Texan running back Damon Pierce (69 rushing yards), Cowboys Tyler Smith, Falcons receiver Drake London (eight catches, 86 yards, one touchdown), Jaguars linebacker Devin Lloyd (three). abandoned. Protected passes, an interception).

Coach of the Week: Jaguars Coach Doug Pedersen.

New coach, same result.

The Jaguars keep beating the Colts in Jacksonville. Coach Doug Pedersen, who won the Super Bowl with the Eagles, defeated his former Philly lieutenant Frank Reich in spectacular fashion. For a league based on a point by point, shutouts are a rarity. Pedersen did an engineer.

And so the Jaguars, at 1-1, are in first place in the AFC South. Just like no one expected.

Other finalists: Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel, Jets coach Robert Saleh, Cardinals coach Cliff Kingsbury, Eagles coach Nick Siriani.

Game of the Week: Two-point conversion of Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

was mesmerizing,

It didn’t force overtime, but it did during Arizona’s 20-point comeback win. murray holds the ball more than 20 seconds as she covered about 85 yards Turf en route to drive the ball into the end zone.

It was part of Murray’s historical day In which he became the first quarterback to make a passing touchdown, rushing touchdown, passing two-point conversion and rushing two-point conversion in the same game.

Other finalists: Cardinals cornerback Byron Murphy Jr.’s game-winning rumble return for touchdown, Lions D’Andre Swift’s catch, falling, rising and running for touchdown, 44-yard touchdown catch from Patriots receiver Nelson Aghor, Jets receiver Corey Davis Kay 66-yard touchdown catch, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson’s 78-yard touchdown run, Dolphins receiver Tyrek Hill’s 60-yard touchdown catch, Chiefs cornerback Jaylen Watson’s 99-yard interception return for a touchdown.

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