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Monday night’s win was a big one for current Seahawks players. Apparently, it was even bigger for some former Seahawks players who participated in the return of Russell Wilson.

Appearing Tuesday on 710 ESPN radio in Seattle, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked if the 17-16 win was “valid.” Via Brady Henderson of, Carroll instead called the win “really rewarding”, especially for former players who took part in the game. That group included cornerback Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, receiver Doug Baldwin, defensive end Cliff Avril and linebacker KJ Wright. He raised 12 flags before the start of the game.

,I didn’t need verificationCarol said. “I just wanted to win. I wanted to win over all the reasons that came with it. Maybe something even representing people who have played before. It meant a lot to them. I was so thrilled to be able to embrace those people and see them and look them in the eyes. ,

Carroll was asked why the win meant so much to former players.

“You understand it,” said Carroll. “It was really worthwhile and they really wanted it and I knew we were playing a lot more than just the regular stuff. We have a real connection to history. . . . Love that they played here and love watching us do well. This night, they felt there was a big opportunity and a big statement to be made. The game is not about an individual player here or there. It It’s about the team. It’s the ultimate team sport and it’s been said many times before. It takes everyone.

“Sometimes when it gets so much attention, it just gets people wrong, or whatever. But I’m thrilled that we won that match. It was important for many reasons other than the first game of the year.”

Since Carol invited other people to find out, we will. Other players on the team opposed Wilson for a variety of reasons. Beyond being regarded by some players as the goodie-to-shoes company man (some would make fun of him with “Go Hawks!”) Wilson grew out of the team with his salary and his personality.

Outrage grew after Super Bowl XLIX, when the Seahawks called a pass from Wilson in exchange for Lynch Beastmode going to the end field, which was intercepted. After all, Carroll and GM John Schneider could only turn the page ahead of any and all anti-Russian players in the locker room.

And, as Carroll would probably say, if he was outspoken, Wilson expressed his gratitude by wanting more and, eventually, wanting out. Eventually he got what he wanted. And now Carol is back to prove that “team” wins over “me.” In doing so, he re-embraced various players, whom Carroll had to pat on his back for properly supporting Wilson.

Now that Wilson is gone, Carroll can lead his team as he pleases. as a team.

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