Paulina Porizkova Gives a ‘No Nonsense’ View at Her Cheeky Side in Stunning Print Bikini Snapshot

Paulina Porizkova is keeping it real this holiday weekend, she’s not photoshopping her body or face — she just wants to show you what she really looks like. This time, the 57-year-old supermodel is giving a different angle — let’s say it’s a cheeky look.

The best part about Porizkova is that she always gives some “food for thought” in her bikini posts. It offers a new perspective on what we are seeing on social media. This time, she compared athletes to models while showing a behind-the-scenes look in her multi-colored printed bikini. He deftly glanced over his left shoulder and looked straight at the camera while his hair was down his back. She explained that her casual and relaxed snapshot has “no filters, no corrections, no bullshit”—just a beautiful look at a woman in her 50s.

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Porizkova is not done as she also delivered a powerful message in the caption. She describes how both careers (model and athlete) are “based on their physicality” and “the need to keep themselves in prime physical shape.” Porizkova said, “Both jobs are physically and sometimes emotionally painful. Both careers end when most others are at their best. Both are celebrations (or objectification) of the human body. Both are sacrifices in personal life.” Solicit. Both are used for your entertainment and to sell you products.” She added that sports mainly highlight men while the modeling world usually has women, but at some point the conversation changes.

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“As they age from their careers, if they refuse to give up yet – one is lauded and seen as heroic, and the other shamed as pathetic. ,” She wrote. Porizkova then opened the conversation to her fans in the comments, who felt she “pulled it” in her comparison. Those thought-provoking discussions are raising her social media influencer’s status as a leader when it comes to ending ageism and giving people their power back in each decade of life.

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