The Oscars punch that rocked live television (and Chris Rock) sent social media shockwaves across the internet. Even NFL stars like Patrick Mahomes, who are used to creating moments that stun audiences, were left floored over what happened.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was stunned While watching the Oscars moment unfold, reacting the same all of us would whenever he throws an out-of-this-world touchdown pass.

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson meanwhile was in disbelief, unsure if what he saw from Will Smith actually went down and wasn’t at all staged. He followed that up referencing Chris Rock’s show about his childhood, where he was more than used to taking a blow to the face.

His Ravens teammate in All-Pro cornerback Marlon Humphrey was more amused than shocked, noticing that Will Smith even laughed at the joke before the now-infamous Oscars moment.

Green Bay Packers safety Adrian Amos jokingly said that Chris Rock had it coming. He had to have been ready for such a smack if he was going to drop jokes on someone else’s wife at the Oscars.

Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro tackle Cam Heyward let a meme do the talking for his take on the Oscars kerfuffle.

NFL stars are used to taking hits, but seeing Will Smith deal one for Chris Rock at the Oscars clearly hit different for them too.

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