Paso Robles pilot dies in plane crash at Reno Air Races

A Paso Robles pilot was killed in a horrific plane crash on Sunday during the Reno Air Racing Association’s Stihl National Championship air race.

Aaron Hogg Family Business, Hogg Inc. was the managing owner of K., which sells weaponry and knives.

“We can confirm that a fatal incident occurred on the outer Pylon 5 today during the Jet Gold Race on the third lap. Will be investigated by the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration),” said Renault The Air Racing Association wrote on Twitter.

A video from the Jet Gold race on YouTube shows Hogg and another pilot flying neck-and-neck, but during the third lap, something goes awry, Hogg’s plane gets out of the way and crashes to the ground. Is.

According to Flying Magazine, Hogg was flying an L-29 Super Define during the accident. He was named the Renault Air Race’s Rookie of the Year in 2021.

Fred Telling, CEO and President of the Renault Air Racing Association, said on Monday: “While we can’t change this tragedy, I ask everyone to think, pray for their passion for life and of course for their passion for air racing.” I would ask to do it and respect it.” According to the Reno Gazette Journal news conference.

According to the Gazette Journal, Hogg’s family was at the race and witnessed the accident.

According to his bio at Racing Jets Inc., Hogg has flown planes since the age of 16 and received his introductory flying license in 1987.

The jet that crashed was one of five that Hogg’s company called Hogg Air Force, according to its website.

“Hogg Air Force is a byproduct of the company’s decades of success, a team consisting of four Hogg Inc. partners – Aaron Hogg, Patrick Hogg, Neil Hogg and Jim Bruins,” the website says. “Each are private pilots and use the following class of aircraft for advertising, handling and travel.”

According to the Hogue Air Force site, the converted Czechoslovakian-built aircraft, codenamed Ballista, holds the record for the fastest lap speed of over 540 mph at the Reno Air Race.

Hogg is the second San Luis Obispo County air racing pilot to die in a plane crash this month.

Veteran pilot Sherman Smoot died after his Air Racing plane crashed in Kern County during a tuneup flight for this year’s Reno Air Race.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

This story was originally published September 19, 2022 at 12:04 pm.

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