Panthers’ Matt Rhule: ‘Crowd noise was a factor’ in loss to Giants

Leading up to a week 2 game against the Carolina Panthers, New York Giants defensive coordinator Vink Martindale and several players called on fans to come out loud.

Specifically, Martindale wanted Giants fans to be so loud that Carolina had to go back on a silent count.

“I know the New Yorkers are loud. We need to be louder in that stadium. They have to go on silent count,” Martindale said. If you want to be a part of changing this culture here with the giants, then speak louder and shake the place where people don’t want to come to our stadium. We’ll take care of the rest, and we’ll give you something to emphasize. But just say it out loud. I can’t wait to see it.”

As the saying goes, mission accomplished.

There was electricity at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. It was the highest in a decade and was noticed by both veteran coaches and players.

“I thought the fans were great. Just driving over here from the facility and seeing all the tailgates and all the drinks and all the games they were playing, they were so moved,” said head coach Brian Dabol.
“They had their jerseys – some old school, some new school. They were great in third place. They know when to be happy, and getting them out there was definitely helpful. And we look forward to next week.”

“I think we always had great fans even when we were struggling, but definitely a big credit goes to them for coming out. I think we had some penalties because of them,” said Saxon. Barkley held back. “To me, being at Penn State, coming from that environment and watching it with the Giants fans in the NFL and helping us win and hopefully we can shake this thing up means a lot.”

“That was great. From the first quarter, we looked around the edge, and I said to the other guys, ‘That’s great to see,'” kicker Graham Gano said. “The fans were dropping off towels, bringing juices and this is special. Hopefully, the fans will keep coming and doing this and I don’t think they realize how much it really means for us players to be there and have their support. We couldn’t have played this game without him.”

The noise of the crowd mattered exactly as Martindale wanted. Panthers head coach Matt Roulette admitted on Monday that Giants fans paid a lot of attention to the outcome of the game.

The Giants return to MetLife Stadium Monday night in Week 3 to host the Dallas Cowboys, and you had better believe fans would have space once again.


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