Now Texas Guv Has Dumped Baby Migrant on Kamala’s Doorstep

A new bus carrying 50 migrants, including a 1-month-old baby, was dropped on Saturday in front of the Naval Observatory, the Washington DC home of Vice President Kamala Harris., Fox News first reported.

The group originated mostly from Venezuela and joins a growing list of migrants who have been taken to the vice president’s home.

It marks the third bus of immigrants sent from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott follows on from others earlier this week. Separately, six more buses carrying migrants from Texas arrived at the Port Authority of New York on Saturday, Fox News reported.

NBC shared video of migrants getting off a bus from Texas on Saturday.

Aid workers immediately took the migrants to a local shelter. On Thursday, two buses first arrived at the Naval Observatory in Washington DC, where Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff live.

“We are asking the Biden administration to send migrants to his backyard to do his job and secure the border,” Abbott wrote on Twitter.

However, US Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) called the shipment “human trafficking,

“Sending vulnerable migrants across the country is not a campaign strategy. This is human trafficking,” she tweeted on Thursday. “It’s an abuse of dozens of human beings and a celebration of that abuse for political gain.”

Venezuelan migrants who boarded a bus in Texas outside the residence of US Vice President Kamala Harris at the Naval Observatory in Washington DC on Thursday.

Stephanie Reynolds

The Guardian reports that nearly 8,000 migrants have been deported from Texas to Washington since April, adding that Arizona has moved about 2,000 migrants to Washington since May. during the same time, according to New York PostMore than 11,000 migrants have been moved to New York City, most of them from Texas.

Harris accuses Republican governors of “negligence of duty” Vice News Interview.

Ron DeSantis of Florida Gov. has also played a part in deporting refugees from his state.

Both conservative governors have cited border security as the reason behind their comprehensive plan.

Social services provided immediate assistance to the migrants who arrived in front of Harris’s home on Saturday, but organizations say the constant shipment of immigrants strains resources.

Abbott’s office did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment on Saturday.

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