NFL Week 1 Throwing Darts: You want to bet against the Patriots early

We’re back for another year of throwing darts, five picks spread every week against the NFL. We’ve had 10 wins over the last 12 years, including 46-39 points last year. If you’re interested in the year-by-year details, you can click here.

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Dolphins -3.5 over Patriots

I wish I had punched this ticket at -2.5 or -3 the first week, and I could have waited three if I could. But for the purposes of this column, we ride at -3.5. The Patriots had a messy summer and their offense may be rudderless this time, as some combination of Matt Patricia and Joe Judge is in charge. Sure, Bill Belichick specializes in making chicken salad out of chicken, you know, but it takes time. The best moment to attract the 2022 Patriots is right now. Even in the glory days of the franchise, New England has struggled over the years with the Miami Tour.

Panthers -1.5 Over Brown

forget it baker mayfield You saw last year, he was hurt. He’s healthy now, and a notable upgrade over the past few quarterbacks Carolina has employed. DJ Moore’s career year is coming up, and I’m listening for it. Jacoby Brissette A good backup, but would be incorrectly inserted as a three-month starter. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Panthers break into the NFC playoffs.

Baker Mayfield will be fired for playing with his former team in Week 1 of the NFL season. (Photo by Ekin Howard/Getty Images)

Vikings +1.5 over Packers

Minnesota revamped its offense and made a change of tone at the right time. Mike Zimmer out. Kevin O’Connell Inn. The Packers Defense is a hardcore unit, probably the best in the NFL. But Green Bay’s receiver room makes my eyes sting. Aaron Rodgers There is a magician, but no one can do it without downfield assist. The plus odds for winning Minnesota NFC North is an interesting bet.

Steelers +6.5 over Bengal

Mike Tomlin had a never-lost record in Pittsburgh over the course of 16 years, a remarkable run. He is the perfect modern coach, smart enough to appeal to a player’s intelligence, and emotionally attached to his troops. Cincinnati still has the potential for offense to the moon, but after who is bad Summer appendectomy, may have a slow start. The Steelers can certainly turn around. cat, Mitch Trubisky Cannot downgrade in the last days of Ben Roethlisberger,

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Broncos -6.5 over the Seahawks

Road favorites are rarely my jam, especially when the numbers are so big. but i hope Russell Wilson To win the breakup with Seattle. to like tom brady A few years back, Wilson is running at the right time, now backed by a plus supporting cast that can keep him at an elite level. Geno Smith Last year wasn’t a disaster at Seattle as a temporary starter, but he isn’t the ideal solution for the entire season. The Seahawks still enjoy a strong home ground, but this is only good as long as the game remains competitive. I am expecting a blow.

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