NFL decision-makers cast their votes for the best quarterbacks by the end of 2022

Is Matthew Stafford being slept on … again?

It’s a question I asked in compiling the 2022 edition of my annual quarterback poll, and for the first time, it was turned on its head. In the past, Stafford popping up with votes to put him among top five quarterbacks in the NFL would represent a divide in how coaches and scouts saw him (favorably) vs. the general public. This time, the guys actually working for teams showed some like for Stafford, but not as much love for the Rams quarterback.

Yes, he has the elbow injury. And no Super Bowl champion has repeated since the Patriots won their second and third titles, nearly two decades ago, when Tom Brady was in his mid-20s. And sure, Stafford will be working with a new left tackle, a new No. 2 receiver and a new offensive coordinator.

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