Netflix’s new horror movie is all about a demonic retro game that unleashes a terrible curse. It’s part Jumanjipart Hunter x HunterGreed Island arc, part of Netflix’s very own Black Mirror: Bandersnatchand a whole lot of screaming and glowing green screens.

In Choose or Die, a young coder stumbles upon a text-based retro game and tries to beat it to win the top prize. But she soon discovers that it is no ordinary game – it’s a cursed game (and fittingly, it is called CURS> R) The game eerily reflects real life and soon the choices she is forced to make start to turn deadly. And as the old adage says, if you die in the game, you definitely die in real life.

Choose or Die stars Iola Evans (Carnival Row, The 100) and Sex Education‘s Asa Butterfield.

The movie premieres on Netflix on April 15. Sadly, there’s no accompanying Netflix interactive element for this one. No choosing or dying for the audience – just watching.

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