Prince of Wales speaks of ‘new friendships’ as he bids farewell to Ireland

The Prince of Wales spoke of “new hope, new friendships and new beginnings” as he bade farewell to Ireland to the tune of traditional music and dance.

Charles invoked the words of his mother, the Queen, whose footsteps he retraced with a visit to an ancient site in Tipperary on the final day of his tour alongside the Duchess of Cornwall.

The prince once again paid tribute to the “hauntingly beautiful country” of Ireland, after taking part in some traditional dancing on his first visit to the county.

He and Camilla made time for a meeting with the family of murdered schoolteacher Ashling Murphy, to offer their condolences.

Charles said the 23-year-old’s name “will not be forgotten”, as he echoed Camilla’s previous comments urging men to stand up and speak out about violence against women.

Keen to stress the things the UK and Ireland have in common, the prince paid tribute to efforts to help people during the pandemic and more recently those in and fleeing Ukraine, as well as environmental strides towards a “more sustainable, healthier and more prosperous future. “.

He added: “You remind us that this is a time of new hope, new friendships and new beginnings, underpinning the ancient history, interests and values ​​we share.”

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