Mosquito Fire spreads north as blaze forces 11,000 to evacuate

September 11, 8:20 am

Cal Fire said in a Sunday morning update that the mosquito fire has now consumed 41,443 acres. However, the crew controlled up to 10%; Last night, he had no control. Much of that control is happening on the south side of the fire. On Saturday, “cooler temperatures and higher humidity” helped firefighters keep bulldozers and hand lines down. There are also Lines of Control from the previous blaze in that area which are working to douse the fire.

The fire continues to move north and northeast.

“Increased winds have continued the spread of the fire to the north and northeast,” Cal Fire said. “Firefighters are working diligently to create control lines in the area of ​​Foresthill Road and to the north and northeast in front of the head of the fire… … as well as in the north of the quintet.”

More than 5,800 homes and structures are at risk, and 11,000 people have been ordered to evacuate. The fire broke out on the evening of September 6 and the cause is being investigated.

Monster Mosquito Fire Clouds Leave Fire Scientists in Awe

September 11, 7:45 am

Scientists took to the skies to see giant, 40,000-foot-high pyrocumulus clouds emanating from mosquito fires, and one spoke to SFGATE about this incident.

“It was really how fierce and devastating the fire hit everyone on the plane,” said National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientist Alan Brewer. “It was like flying right next to the Grand Canyon wall.”

Researchers from NOAA, San Jose State and the University of Nevada research the massive fire cloud emitted by the California mosquito fires on September 8, 2022.


Researchers are trying to learn more about California’s devastating wildfires by conducting aerial observations. Read the whole story here.

Mosquito fire spread in the north due to winds

September 11, 6:50 am

Disturbing winds pushed Mosquito fire north and northeast, causing massive destruction The California wildfires are close to the communities around Foresthill.

According to a late-night update from Cal Fire, crews are “working to control the fires north of Quintet along Volcano Road.”

“Firefighters are working diligently to form the Line of Control in the area of ​​Onehill Road and towards the north and northeast in front of the head of the fire,” the update said. “A fire broke out in the area of ​​Chicken Hawk yesterday and firefighters brought the fire under control with the help of dozens more aircraft. [Saturday],

Saturday saw a decrease in the area’s high temperatures and low humidity, allowing workers to better control the southern side of the fire. Bulldozer lines were installed there, and lines laid in previous Tahoe National Forest fires also helped workers gain mileage against the fire. Till its last mapping on Saturday evening, the fire has burnt 37,326 acres. There is no prevention.

New evacuation orders and warnings for Placer County

September 10, 6:45 pm

New evacuation orders and warnings are given issued by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office. The latest evacuation orders, announced Saturday evening, apply to Zones 21 and 22. Evacuation warnings were also issued for Zones 23 and 25. View the latest warnings and orders here.

As of Saturday, 11,117 people have been evacuated from areas in Placer and El Dorado counties that are at risk from mosquito fires. Crews made progress on Friday by building a control line on the northwest side of the fire, and the fire’s growth slowed overnight as temperatures dropped and humidity increased.

However, according to an update released by Cal Fire’s Nevada-Yuba-Placer and Amador-El Dorado units, Tahoe and El Dorado National Forests, high winds from the low-pressure system are expected to ignite the fire Saturday and increase fire activity. Is. and the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

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