Migrants bussed to sanctuary city Chicago are promptly shipped off to suburbs

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A group of more than 100 migrants from the southern border were driven into an Illinois suburb after a reception in Chicago – an action that has disappointed local officials.

As WGN-TV reports, the migrants are staying at a Hampton Inn in Burr Ridge and a Holiday Inn in the countryside. An estimated 300 migrants have been moved from Texas to Chicago in the past two weeks.

While Chicago is a sanctuary city and Cook County is a sanctuary county, Burr Ridge Hampton Inn expatriates are in DuPage County. The status of the county’s sanctuary is unclear. However, Burr Ridge Republican Mayor Gary Grasso previously said he would work to secure the border and “protect the sanctuary cities,” according to WGN-TV.

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Some of the 100 migrants were reportedly deported to the Burr Ridge Hampton Inn in suburban Illinois.
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Now, Grasso said he is “disappointed” by the sudden influx of migrants.

Mayor Gary Grasso said, “I am the village mayor, I should have been told. I am as disappointed as Mayor Lightfoot was not being told.” “I am disappointed but we are dealing with the situation and I am going to let our residents and our businesses know.”

Grasso referred to Mayor Lightfoot at a press conference this week as already “unacceptable” on Governor Abbott to transport migrants.

“My frustration comes from the actions of Governor of Texas The mayor of Chicago said. “There may be a level of coordination and cooperation, but he doesn’t want to do any of those things. Instead, he chooses to send humans across the country to an uncertain destination.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot speaks during a Science Initiative event in Chicago.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot speaks during a Science Initiative event in Chicago.
(Reuters/Kamil Krzynski)

“He’s creating a humanitarian crisis and it doesn’t make sense to me,” Lightfoot said. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker made similar remarks, accusing Abbott of treating migrants “like cattle.”

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Abbott hit back at Lightfoot’s comments, alleging that he blamed him instead of President Biden.

,[Biden’s] Inaction on our border is putting Texans’ lives at risk and our communities at risk.” The Texas governor said in a tweet, “Texas is doing Biden’s work to secure the border.”

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Mayor Lightfoot’s office did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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