Happy Sunday, readers! I’ve got a whole fresh batch of links for you to start your morning off right. Speaking of morning links …


What’s the best way to eat breakfast sausage?

  • 39%
    ground up in a burrito or casserole

    (35 votes)

88 votes total

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  • Mariners lost a close one last night and Zach Mason has the recap
  • Trader Jerry decided the work day wasn’t over when the game ended and made two roster moves before the sun went down.
  • The fellas down in Arkansas are on a win streak.
  • It was Alec “F — k this place” Bohm vs. his bat last night during a post-strikeout meltdown. Bat won (Warning: bloody content).
  • Dave Roberts tried to bring in a position player to pitch last night only to be told “uh uh, you can’t do that.”


Who will win tonight’s Game 2 matchup?

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