Marc Ecko Teases Plans for Feature Film Adaptation of ‘Getting Up’ Game, Shares Trailer

A public campaign is now underway to bring a feature-length film adaptation of Marc Ecko’s 2006 video game rise: material under pressure to the big screen.

As Ecko himself revealed on social media on Monday, along with some impressive footage of director Elliot Mantello, giving him a first glimpse at the work-in-progress being developed a few months ago as a pitch for a potential project Went. getting up Movies.

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“When I saw the work [Montello] done, and all the wonderful favors she pulled- just for getting me on a Zoom call, I couldn’t ignore the blows of the universe,” said Ecko.

In the same post, the founder of Eko- Complex Magazine—tucked in a message for ardent fans of the graffiti-a-protest classic, acknowledging its past chatter long awaited sequel, While he a. of “Dream Not Abandoned” get up 2He now expands this feature-length to larger . focusing on expanding getting up The universe completely off the ground and in the air.

An official site for the title Getting Up: Legends of New Radius includes an opportunity for fans to sign and share a “letter of support,” stating that the effort is focused on making the film. Correctly.” To some extent, in the letter’s words, this means staying away from “the same old overproduced and heavy formulas.”

A Look at a Campaign Letter About the Getting Up Film Adaptation
image via publicist

Take a closer look at how things are shaping up behind the scenes for this next chapter getting up below and/or by clicking on this link.

“So, 3 months ago I got a DM from a fan site that still posts about that old video game on Instagram today,” Ecko told Complex. “That project was particularly meaningful to me. Although it did not meet the heights of success I had hoped for at the time, it is still considered one of my favorite creative ventures. It is very close to my heart. Because I was able to work and interact creatively with incredible talents (from musicians to actors to video game designers) and graffiti legends. I mean Giavoni Ribisi from Talib Kweli, Diddy from T-Kid, Rosario Dawson From RZA? It was a crazy life-changing experience making that game. In many ways, it was much bigger than me. And that was and Tran’s (main character) motive and growth too.”

Ecco said that as he learned more about Mantello, he was amazed by his “persistence”.

“In commemoration of 9/06, we decided to release it tomorrow at 9:06 pm—and begin sharing it with the universe on 9/06/2022,” he said. “Readers may not know, but 9/06 in the original story (and also in the attached trailer) was a pivotal date for the plot.

Acko wants people to go to and “sign a letter of support in solidarity”, because “making a film and maintaining creative control isn’t easy. But that’s my charter. I joined the film as a director.” I’m working with Elliot Montello to make a living.”

He concluded, “I have a feeling that many days will be disappointed that the announcement is not for a new game. Yet. Between life and a very busy (and rich) work schedule, the universe had to take some wild route to strike. – For me to say, ‘Why not now?’ so here we are!”

Stay tuned for more.

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