Level 3 evacuation (‘go now) issued for Oakridge, Westfir

Updated on Friday, September 9th at 7:30pm

Due to excessive escalation from the Cedar Creek Fire, a Level 3 evacuation order, meaning “go now”, has been issued for the Oakridge, Westfire and High Prairie areas in and around the city limits, in unincorporated areas.

A map of evacuation zones is available here. Residents are advised to travel west, as Highway 58 is closed to the east.

Residents are encouraged to evacuate to the temporary evacuation point at Lane Community College at 4000 E. 30th Avenue in Eugene. The temporary evacuation point is located in Building 16.

The Lane Transit District is providing buses to help those who do not have transportation to evacuate. Buses will be staged at:

  • Oakridge High School (47997 W. 1st St.)
  • First Baptist Church (47606 School St.)

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement: “There is an immediate and imminent danger and you should evacuate immediately. Do not delay leaving your property to collect any items or try to protect your home. Attention. Drive by, turn on your headlights, and follow any instructions from public safety personnel.”

Satellite images show the Cedar Creek Fire releasing massive amounts of smoke.

East winds arrived at the Cedar Creek Fire that engulfed 33,100 acres overnight but intensified on Friday, bringing new clearance levels out of Oakridge and closing off Oregon Highway 58 at Willamette Pass. The fire continued to grow throughout the day on Friday and into the night and into Saturday, but how far it spread is the key question.

As of Friday afternoon, the fire raged about 11 to 12 miles from Oakridge. Highway 58 is closed from Oakridge (milepost 37) to Crescent Lake (milepost 70).

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